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Reconciliation Essay

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Socially developed and just societies have been founded upon theological intervention. The political actions and Christian involvement in the reconciliation process have been embraced in the contemporary Australian politics. The differences between the indigenous and non-indigenous Australians have been influenced by the absence of knowledge, respect, and understanding. According to the analysis of the theological principles involved in reconciliation, forgiveness and truth are the most paramount virtues of the Christian ways. The aim of the Christian involvement in the public reconciliation domain ...view middle of the document...

The two churches have had a large capacity of the indigenous Australians as part of their congregation.
The land rights were some of the issues affecting the indigenous Australians as part of their political instability matters. The religious practices through their actions have facilitated the involvement of positive actions towards behaviour of people. The Christians got involvement in the land rights issue through the adoption of the apology principle. The principle suggests different ways of creating peace between people with different interest within a society. The Christians got involved in the issue of land rights by bring a connection between the religious responsibilities and the political space (Doak 2004; 55). The secular political choices became an issue of attention to the Christian leaders. The policy making processes were influenced by Christian decisions within Australia. Such factors have been considered for the success of free conflict relationships as a way of achieving success in Australian reconciliation.
The reconciliation ministries are also methods that have been applied by the Christian fraternity in reconciling the incidences of conflict. According to this approach the religious groups have followed the gospel preaching principles in disseminating the knowledge of respect and understanding. The reconciliation ministries have proclaimed the gospel as a way of bringing together the destroyed relationships by conflicts and other misunderstandings. The principles of equality and peacemaking among people have been applied under this context as a way of increasing the access towards positive lifestyles among people (Garretson 2012; 78). The theological principles have facilitated positive coexistence among the people within Australia through shared understanding. The ministry has used the public theology approach to provide education based on healthy relationships among people. The political sector has recognized the efforts placed by the churches and the Christian fraternity in increasing positive relationships among people.
The rising concerns for the Christian and other religious ethics have facilitated the adoption of the reconciliation in Australia. According to the argument of the Christians in Australia through Pope Emmanuel, the ethical principles of Christianity may necessitate the need to create a just environment for the people. The policies of apologies as formulated by the Christians and other religious groups have applied in the government and political settings as a way of achieving peace creation. The recommendation by the religious sectors has influenced the response of the government and political parties. The principles adopted by the religious sectors have moved the political groups to accept the understanding of reconciliation and peace through a constructive and peaceful way (Welker, Ulrich, and Michael 2011; 11). Public theology has used the principles and ethics of faith to challenge the stands of...

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