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Recommended Topics Essay

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ENGL 250: #4 Documented Essay
Suggested Topics

For the Assignment #4 Documented Essay, you will present multiple viewpoints from a currently debated issue. You need to draw your topic from the issues and controversies discussed in Rereading America, or a current debate in anthrozoology (human-animal studies). Here is a list of suggested topics. You may choose one of these, or create your own with instructor approval. Look through the table of contents and chapter introductions in Rereading America and find a debate or a controversy that interests you, and develop your topic in the form of a question that could have multiple answers. Your topic must be narrowly focused enough to cover adequately in a 5-7 page paper.

Family & Relationships:
* Do children need to be raised by both a mom and a dad?
* An increasing number of people are opting not to become parents. Is this ...view middle of the document...

S. citizens by birth?
* Should schools retire and change American Indian mascots?
* Does affirmative action help level the playing field?
* Should airport security use racial and religious profiling?
* Can people have morals without religion or spirituality?

* Are gender roles good for society?
* Are men and women treated equally today?
* Are “sex sells” advertisements harmful toward women?
* How should parents and society respond when a child identifies as transgendered?

* Are children harmed by spending little or no time in nature?
* Is “monkeywrenching” ever justified, and in what circumstances?
* Is “fracking” for oil and natural gas doing more harm than good?
* Should the government force people to take action (such as driving more efficient cars) to reduce environmental impacts?
* Is environmentalism fundamentally “anti-human?”

* Should Iowa repeal its “ag-gag” legislation?
* Is there such a thing as “humane” or “ethical” meat?
* Should the sale of dogs and cats at pet stores be outlawed?
* Should the slaughter of horses for food be legalized in the United States?
* Should certain breeds of dogs (e.g., pit bulls) be restricted or banned?
* Should there be a hunting season for wolves?
* Are zoos good for animals?
* Is hunting good for conservation?
* Should animal cruelty laws extend to livestock?

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