Recommendation Report

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Date: 16 February 2014

To: Ms Asha, Operational Manager

From: Mr Koh Kim Khang, Assistant Operational Manager



As requested, I am submitting this report to point out the dissatisfaction of customers with the service provided by our company. The information is collected based on the feedback from our official website and surveys from social networking websites: Facebook. So, I would like to propose some suggestion to solve the problems.


The mission of KTM railway services is to be the preferred land transportation system by ...view middle of the document...

Hence, it is unreasonable for passengers to pay for an uncomfortable journey.
Lastly, customers have been complaining the malfunctioning of ticketing vendor at railway station. The ticket vending machines installed in the railway station are always in breakdown status, thus do not serve it purpose. This problem causes customers to queue at least for 10 minutes to 20 minutes to purchase their trains ticket. By the time they have purchased the tickets, the trains has left and caused our customers to spend unnecessary time for waiting the next trains.

Space provided per coaches is limited
This problem has been happening before KTM introduced the new trains to service in the year of 2010. Although the new trains which introduced in 2010 has increase the train availability, but the problem still has yet to solve. After analysing, we discovered that the two attributions are: poor designing of the train in term of seats allocation with insufficient spaces to stand, and lack of control over allowing passengers entering the coaches as well as providing reserved seats.

Malfunction of ticketing vendor
For each KTM station, there are only two ticketing counters and three ticketing vendor machines available. But most of the ticket vendor machines are not functioning due to the machine is spoiled, did not repair when they were discovered and were vandalised. Although, there are two counters for ticket selling, but passengers need to queue up in a long lane as only one counter is open.

The punctuality is a serious problem for KTM services. Although there are digital panel in each station to display the schedule of the trains, but the trains do not arrive on time and always late for at least fifteen minutes to half an hour without any notice. This problem is caused by the stop time for each train in each station is not standardized and the frequent-stop in its trip. These causes have causes inconvenience for our customers by providing unpunctual train service.


The main element that drives the company to the success is customer's satisfaction. Therefore, in order to maximize customer satisfaction towards KTM services, we should: (1) increase internal efficiency and number of trains, (2) reform ticket machine quality and add more ticket vendor counters, (3) provide training to staff.


Increase Internal Efficiency and Number of Trains
To increase the punctuality KTM trains, we suggest a standard waiting time for the train in each station. With that, we can provide a more accurate arrival time for the passengers. Besides, we suggest investing more capital in increasing train capacity to allow passengers feel comfortable enjoying our services and carry more passengers. Furthermore, we suggest increasing operation of trains during peak time for 3pm to 7pm in order to solve overload problem. And, we propose to the fabric of trains should be improved, because the trains...

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