Recommendation For Microsoft Office 2003 Upgrade

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To: Eric Smith
From: Nick JB
Date: November 8, 2013
Re: Recommendation for Microsoft Office 2003 Upgrade.


The purpose of the report is to recommend which of the available office suites should be obtained to upgrade the obsolete version of Microsoft Office 2003.
Microsoft Office 2003, which we use now, has become obsolete and is no longer able to satisfy our daily office needs. Mainstream support for Office 2003 ended April 14, 2009, and extended support will end April 8, 2014. The claims are based upon such drawbacks as: incompatibility with the newer file extensions widely used by our partners and clients, outdated templates and tools, Outlook’s search ...view middle of the document...

Office 365 Small Business Premium includes five Office 2013 installations and costs $150 a year – is cheaper over several years.

On the other hand, developed by The Document Foundation, LibreOffice (latest build 4.1.2) is a free and open source office suite.

Distributed for free, LibreOffice 4 leaves the opponent far behind and appears a much favorable solution pricewise.


MS Office
MS Office Home & Business comes with standard Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook applications, which meet our daily needs. Word now allows editing PDF files; text and image editing has improved significantly. Both Excel and PowerPoint also offer great new tools and improvements. Outlook has changed drastically, now offering social media integration, as well as other major productivity enhancements. There are numerous smaller tweaks, such as Excel’s refined charting and PivotTable tools, PowerPoint’s Object Properties pane, Word’s improved comments, and the suite-wide improvement to the template browser.

LibreOffice comes with all required applications by default: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, and Base.
Writer and MS Word are very similar. Writer has all the major features of Word, including grammar checker, autosave, and more.
Calc can do calculations, math, and tables. Impress works well, although lacks certain slide animations and support for video exports.

Although LibreOffice has a lot more to offer, there are some trade-offs in functionality to consider. Included in the default package of Home & Business suite, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are sufficient for office tasks without compromising their functionality.

Interface and compatibility.

MS Office
Microsoft has gone a long way towards simplicity and openness, embodied primarily by increasing the use of white space. New Office has a more streamlined appearance, which, with the ability to collapse menu bars creates a cleaner, more focused writing environment. Office 2013 supports Windows 7 and above and is traditionally compatible with files created in older...

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