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Recommendation Essay

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The beauty-care service industry is now booming. As a business, as well as an opportunity, this sector already started to contribute in the economic growth. Along with the increase of disposable income, the expenditure of the customers in this sector significantly increases. Today beauty care service is not just a luxury, it is a necessity. Along with this growing significance, the issues of service quality and customer satisfaction have also become burning questions.

The findings of the study indicated that, when choosing a specific parlor, the customer gave importance to the service provider’s behavior and knowledge, the environment of the parlor, ...view middle of the document...

Most of the clients of the high-end parlor are regular, so the parlor must ensure the continuity and consistency of its services in order to gain customer satisfaction. The latest haircut, make up and advanced hair and skin treatments should be introduced. The service requirement varies by age group, so parlors could offer different service packages to attract different customer groups. The customers perceived that service quality of service providers varies in the high-end parlors and they also mentioned that, despite the quality of the services, SP’s behav-ior influenced the satisfaction level. Therefore, to ensure the same quality of service from the employees, parlors must arrange proper training for them, in terms of both skill and behavior.

Customers also believed that providing information can enhance reliability. Therefore, the parlors should improve their communication process by sharing beauty service information and counseling. Service provider’s knowledge level and advertisement must be improved to match the customer’s expectation level. For the high-end parlors, image portrayal is highly significant and it contributes positively towards satisfac-tion. Therefore, tangible elements of the parlors, such as sufficient space, better quality of material and proper mainte-nance of environment, should be improved. The parlors could also guarantee prompt services by introducing a prior appoint-ment system and by assigning more employees to the rush hours.

The study might open up the avenue for further research in this field of interest. The survey for the study was conducted only in Dhaka. Future studies can be conducted outside Dhaka city to investigate these issues. The results of the study could be different in different geographic locations. There is scope for...

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