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Recognize An Ethical Issue (Software Sharing)

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Case Study 2: Software Sharing
Recognize an Ethical Issue
1. Is there something wrong personally, interpersonally, or socially? Could the conflict, the situation, or the decision be damaging to people or to the community?
2. Does the issue go beyond legal or institutional concerns? What does it do to people, who have dignity, rights, and hopes for a better life together?
The software sharing is certainly an ethical issue, since the company is merely non-existing with no more information available. Personally Jim and I should not share or the program even though the program is out of print. Socially illegal use of the program for business purposes will potentially hurt business client, ...view middle of the document...

What are the options for acting? Have all the relevant persons and groups been consulted? If you showed your list of options to someone you respect, what would that person say?
Me, Jim, the client and Program C software maker are the important stake and play major role in the decision. I and Jim will certainly have to consult the decision with Jim’s lawyer is it Ok to use my computer to access program C. The client should be told about this case and Jim can only do the work under their acceptance. If client does not agree with option for Jim to use my computer then the work has to bring to an end, and they Jim has to let client look for other designer.

Evaluate Alternative Actions From Various Ethical Perspectives
6. Which option will produce the most good and do the least harm?
Utilitarian Approach: The ethical action is the one that will produce the greatest balance of benefits over harms.
To share, copy or sold program C to Jim will not benefit all parties. Jim can be charged of buying illegal software, I can be charged of violating copyright and Jim’s client can be sued by Program C maker representative in the future of buying a product produced by illegal software. Greatest balance can be achieved by let Jim come over to my place and use program C in my computer when he needs it.

7. Even if not everyone gets all they want, will everyone's rights and dignity still be respected?
Rights Approach: The ethical action is the one that most dutifully respects the rights of all affected.
By letting Jim use come to my place and use program C in my computer, the design is done in a legal software and all parties right’s will be respected. In this approach program C maker rights will not be treated equally because lack of credible information available.
8. Which option is fair to all stakeholders?
Fairness or Justice Approach: The ethical action is the one that treats people equally, or if unequally, that treats people proportionately and fairly.
For fairness and justice approach that treat everybody’s right equally Jim has to buy new computer with...

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