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Reckless Driving Essay

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Joel Molina
Kata Alvidrez
ENG 101-133
29 September 2013
Reckless Driving
I have learned my lesson. Growing into my mid teen years, I would always hear my parents rant about safe driving. I can hear it in my head every second of everyday. They would tell me “better safe than sorry”, but I never listened. I was 16 years old and super happy with my brand new license, ready to take on the roads. I treated the roads like a vehicle playground. I drove like a street racer on “Fast and the Furious”. Stepping on the gas like it was my job, I would zip through traffic. This made me feel like a boss, street racer, king etc...
Neglecting my parent’s advice on safe driving, I would ...view middle of the document...

Speeding all the way from the riverside to her house in my mom’s super small car. While I was speeding, my girlfriend starts to laugh hysterically at her phone. Not knowing what she was watching, I decided to take a peek at her phone. I took my eyes off the road for a second only to look at her phone and BAM! I had just crashed.
I was scared for my life. I look to my right side and I notice my girlfriend is okay. I feel myself everywhere and surprisingly enough I was okay. Then the scare sets in. I had just gotten into a car crash and my mom’s car is totaled. I realized that my car along with 3 others had come to a complete stop. I had just caused a collision. As I slowly come out of car, I get tears rushing down my face. I look around again while I catch my breath ,and realized I wasn’t dreaming. Everyone comes out there vehicle and I check with everyone to see how they are doing. Everyone is okay, but two ladies.
In a matter of minutes police, and ambulances show up and export the two ladies to the hospital. I took a step back and realized I wrecked my mom’s car all for not listening to her. Only thing that goes through my head is “thank god I am alive”, but I felt like that feeling was going to be short lived as soon as I call my mom and give her the news. My parents always had a point. I knew there was a reason they annoyed me every morning to be a safe driver. It was only to prevent this accident from happening in the first place. My parents always have a point and I should listen whenever they tell me something. If I would have listened I wouldn’t have been in that mess.

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