Recidivism Essay

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Montel Richardson Sr.
Historical Books
July 15, 2014

A Sign of Togetherness
Whenever our country faces a time of turmoil, it is evident because this is mainly the time you see people coming together. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, thousands of mission workers, construction gurus, and people from all walks of life headed south. The gulf coast was in a season of despair after the horror of the damage Katrina caused had been revealed. The water had evaporated, the smell of dead carcasses became visible, and everything was destroyed. Our nation “looked’ as if it had pulled together for those along the coast. This was a sign of togetherness. Some people came to ...view middle of the document...

(Literary Study Bible ESV Online) I honestly would agree that geography has a great deal to do with this chapter because when you look at the list of workers a map can be drawn out from each district. Every group was designated a specific place on the wall whether thier is a need for reconstruction or repair.
The main overall theme of this book is for God to remember Nehemiah’s good deeds towards the temple walls. Once Nehemiah heard of the condition of the temple, he went into prayer and went to work. This gives encouragement to those of us in ministry to never give up, no matter how hard the task may seem. Sometimes people won’t ever work as hard as we may think they should, but we must continue to work. There is an old adage that was pulled from this book that says, “stay on the wall.” This means that one should stay busy, in the face of adversity or even criticism because the work is not done for our glory, but all to the glory of God.
I believe the book was written as a means of connecting us to the very heart of Nehemiah and what he stood for as a leader. The...

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