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Rechargeable Calculator With Mp3 Essay

569 words - 3 pages

Datamex Institute of Computer Technology

W/ MP3

Submitted by:
Albento Maricel
Submitted to:
Mr. Aris D. Artates
Table of Contents
Title Page
I. Introduction………. 1
II. Overview……………2
III. How to Use Rechargeable Calculator w/ MP3… 4
IV. Handling Precaution.. 7
V. Trouble Shooting……..8

And do not try to fix the damage because this may cause permanent damage and void the warranty of your rechargeable calculator w/ mp3.

cause interference with TV or Radio reception.
* Avoid dropping your rechargeable calculator w/ mp3 and subjecting it to strong impact.
* Do keep your rechargeable calculator away from moisture. Contact with water or any liquid may cause to malfunction and overheat.
When you encounter malfunction in your rechargeable calculator w/ mp3, just go to the nearest ...view middle of the document...

Headset slot

MP3 button/Music playlist
Operation signs
Charger slot
(Play) (Pause) OK button

(Next) (Previous) Left and right arrow key

(Volume) arrow up and down keys to adjust the volume

Handling Precaution
* Your rechargeable calculator w/ mp3 is made up of precision components. Never try to take its part.
* Using the rechargeable calculator w/ mp3 near television or radio can


number in the last.
A. To Play the Music in Rechargeable Calculator w/ MP3
Use the music playlist to play music saved on the rechargeable calculator w/ mp3. Just click the music playlist, then use the arrow left and right to choose whatever music you want to play. And when you already had a music that you choose just click the [OK] button to start the play of music.
Below are the Icon that you will encounter in the Now Playing:

How to Use Rechargeable Calculator w/ MP3

Please read the following guidelines before using your Rechargeable Calculator w/ MP3. Reading is highly recommended. Non-reading may cause dander and damage to you and your Rechargeable Calculator w/ MP3.
B. Turn ON/OFF
To ON and OFF click the button ON/OFF. Make sure the battery is charged and not fully drained.
C. Basic Calculation
With manual calculation, you input formulas from left to right, just as they are written on paper.
With formulas that include
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division that automatically calculate the result.
1. Press ON/OFF button to on the Rechargeable Calculator w/ MP3.
2. Press 23+27 buttons.
3. And lastly press the equal sign to get the result.
D. To Delete
1. Press ON/OFF button to on the Rechargeable Calculator w/ MP3.
2. Press 23+27 buttons.
3. Press Del button to delete the

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