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Rebuttal Stan Your Ground Law

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Stand your Ground Law
The Stand Your Ground Law is a type of self-defense law that gives individuals the right to use deadly force to defend themselves without any requirement to evade or retreat from a dangerous situation. It is the law in certain jurisdiction within the United Sates. This may lie within either statutory law or common law. Under these laws a person can justify using deadly force in certain situations and the stand your ground law would determine your defense to criminal charges or civil suit. In the state of Florida, the law was adapted but never enforced until it was misused.
The “Stand Your Ground : law has been the subject of national attention in the Trayvon Martin case may be extreme, and may ...view middle of the document...

Based on this interpretation by the author it could be argued that Mr. Zimmerman had no grounds to enforce the stand your ground law. Based on the communication or publications we have see was that Martin has gone to the store to purchase some items and was returning to his Dad residence who lived in the community. As Martin was walking toward his fathers’ residence. Mr. Zimmerman saw him and called 911 to report an unknown pedestrian walking in the community. He followed the pedestrian even after been advised not to follow. It appears that after he followed him for a while Martin reacted to the follower there causing some aggravation between both of them. In actuality, Martin was the one standing his ground not Mr. Zimmerman.
Mr. Zimmerman was not at his home and Trayvon was not an intruder, forcefully or unlawfully attempting to enter George Zimmerman’s residence. Based in what we know Mr. Zimmerman was not in fear of his life, the shooting did not occur in his residence there was no act of self defense, once it was established that he was the shooter, the burden of proof would be on Mr. Zimmerman to prove that he acted in self defense.

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