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Rebuttal Essay

853 words - 4 pages

Sarah Greck
A. Anderson
3 March 2016
English 226

Rebuttal Argument

More and more people are turning to a vegan diet for the massive health benefits: high energy, younger looking skin, high energy levels, and eternal youth are just some of the claims from satisfied plant-based eaters. Well, eternal youth might be a bit far-fetched, but there are certainly tons of scientifically proven benefits to a vegan lifestyle when compared to the average western diet. Thoughtful and thoroughly planned plant-based diets are rich in calcium, iron, protein, and other essential vitamins and minerals. The sources of all these nutrients are typically high in fiber, low in saturated fat, and packed ...view middle of the document...

Traditionally, diet recommendations required smaller portion sizes, measuring and weighing foods, and over limiting yourself. However, recent evidence suggests that a vegan diet may be more effective and easier to follow in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The evidence favoring this approach came from comparing different populations from around the world. Those whose diets were based on plant-derived foods – rice, beans, fruits, vegetables – were less likely to develop diabetes compared to those whose diets are centered around fatty, meaty dishes. Studies have suggested that these fatty, meaty diets cause insulin resistance in the consumer’s body. It’s been proven in many clinical studies that adopting a high-carb, low-fat, plant-based diet actually improves insulin sensitivity, aids weight loss, and reduces blood sugar; the three key watch points of a patient with type 2 diabetes.
Obesity is one of the most concerning health issues in the United States, and soon it will be the country’s leading cause of preventable deaths. Despite the rapidly growing number of diets and weight-loss programs available to dieters, America’s waist line keep growing rounder. Most weight-loss programs center around reducing calories and increasing exercise, but new research shows that vegan dietary patterns can result in more weight loss than meat centered diets without a focus on caloric restriction (Plant-Based Diets Show More Weight Loss Without Emphasizing Caloric Restriction.”). Dr. T. Colin Campbell of Cornell University, known as one of the top epidemiologists in the world, said, “Quite simply, the more you substitute plant...

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