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Rebranding Essay

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1. The price

There are several types of hotel rooms are provided including single room, double room, business king and business twins, which are charged £150, £250, £300, £450 for one night respectively. We also decide to set the price based on the area in every city. For instance, Premier Cru in London is always more expensive than these in Birmingham and Edinburgh. Besides, the change in price is obviously executed when the hotel upgrades to four stars. According to Premier Inn hotel, the average price for single room is £100 instead of £150 in Premier Cru, £200 instead of £250 in Premier Cru. It is less £50 compared with the four stars Premier ...view middle of the document...

(McCaskey, 2008).
When a hotel decides to rebrand an upgrade to higher level, the group of customers they serve nearly changes. We will focus on the medium and high classes and perhaps these classes will be approaching to the hotel like Premier Cru.
3. Entertainment
+ New services:
Some extra services are possible to include when customers make a booking such as transferring from airports, excursions and beauty treatments. Most services and be requested prior to arrival and can be included in the total all inclusive hotel deals. In addition, we also have nightclub, gymnasium, swimming pool, spa, beauty and nail service, salon with hair dressing.
Nightclub: Enjoy the vibrant, lively and unique atmosphere of the Premier Cru’s nightclub, conveniently situated in the hotel grounds. Premier Cru’s safe and friendly environment is perfect for any party mood. If you are with friends, you can reserve a table for your exclusive use, alternatively just come along and soak up the party atmosphere. Premier Cru is open to both residents and non-residents. Entrance is free on a Thursday and Friday night, £5 before 22:00 on a Saturday and £10 after 22:00 for non-residents.
Exclusive Health Club: Discover the Health Club at Premier Cru. We offer extensive gym membership with many benefits and our packages include:
• Indoor heated swimming pool
• Spa pool
• Steam room
• Air conditioned gym.
• Discounted Spa treatments
• Access to exclusive member discounts throughout the hotel
|Membership Type |
|Annual Payment |
|Monthly Direct Debit |
| |
|Single Full |
|£450 |
|£45 |
| |
|Joint Full (2 adults) |
|£790 |
|£79 ...

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