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Reasons Leading To A Terrorist Behavior

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Reasons Leading
to a Terrorist Behaviour

Name: Stefan Karagiozov
Instructor: Terry Roswell
Course: CRIM102
November 24th ,2015

In their article “ Modern Gangsters and the Patriot Act”, Gregory P. Orvis and Jeffery P. Rush’s thesis is focused on demonstrating how certain street gangs that have been affiliated in criminal behaviour are also involved in terrorist activity, and how some criminals convert to a terrorist behaviour while they are doing their sentence in prison. They also put their focus on the effectiveness of the Patriotic Act and how this Act has helped to capture terrorists over a certain period of years. To this end, ...view middle of the document...

To be specific Orvis and Rush’s state:
“an American street gang, composed of criminals (e.g., murderers and thieves) were involved in terrorist activities against their own government. How could this have happened?”
At first glance, it is quite strange as to why a regular gang would be involved in terrorist acts, but once we dig deeper into the roots of the problem we find out that aggression and hate towards the country plays an important role in the terrorist’s behaviour. Some criminals who have been previously incarcerated are predisposed to an inner hate towards the government .These individuals do not age out of crime , on the contrary the hate towards the government, has accumulated over the period of time where the person was in prison. Therefore they are more vulnerable to be exposed to commit acts of terrorism towards their country. For instance the leader of the El Rukns, Jeff Fort is said that he converted to extremist Islam in prison, from which, based on statistics ,some of the terrorists origin .The psychological motivations for his behaviour may arise from their frustration with his life and the ‘need’ for revenge for the alleged cause of his circumstances.
The transition into becoming a terrorist is rarely sudden and abrupt. For instance the case of Jose Padilla, where he attempted to use a bomb against an American city. The article also states that Padilla committed a murder at the age of 13. What we can conclude from this fact is that, most involvement in terrorism results from gradual exposure and socialisation towards extreme behaviour. According to the article “The Role of the Brain in Urban Violent Offending: integrating biology with structural theories of the streets” we can see that the “Differential Association theory “ (p.86 Sutherland 1947 ) plays a significantly big role in the life of Padilla. The theory states that “all behaviour is learned and crime is no different” (p.86).In his case the gang member has been a criminal since young age and has been involved in criminal activities all of his life, and has not only been committing crimes, but he has also been learning and adapting to new crimes, which eventually led him to learning the act of terrorism. From this we can conclude that criminal and terrorist behaviour is not the product of a single decision made by the individual but the end result of a dialectical process that gradually pushes this individual to commit crime over time.
As stated in Terrorist Recruitment in American Correctional Institutions: An Exploratory Study of NonTraditional Faith Groups Final Report , by Mark S. Hamm, gang members who have been incarcerated may be in a desperate need of “protection” by other gangs in prisons.
Prison administrators and chaplains are unanimous in their view that most black inmates join religious groups for protection. “When a young black man comes to prison,” says a Florida gang intelligence official, “he is introduced to all these new...

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