Reasons For The Assassination Of Julius Caesar

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Pam Argue0853191The Ides of March 44 BC was a date which marked change and tragedy for Rome and will forever be remembered in history. A group of more than 60 senators conspired to kill Julius Caesar in order to remove him from his role of power in Rome. The group consisted of men such as Brutus and Cassius, who were proven republicans; there were also former followers of Pompey, as well as men with strong personal grudges against Caesar. Despite the large number of people involved, the assassination plans were a well kept secret. On March 15th, 44 BC, Caesar was scheduled to attend a meeting of the senate in a hall next to Pompey's theatre. It was planned that one of the members of the ...view middle of the document...

Lastly, there were ideologies belonging to Caesar which offended many men and acted as a factor that influenced the decision to assassinate him. Such ideologies included the fact that Caesar claimed he was a descendant of gods as well as kings. There was also the fact that he would not listen to any advisors who did not have the same opinions as him. Also, Caesar's financial policies were found to be lacking by the Roman aristocrats. There were countless objections Caesar's opponents found with his ruling techniques and personality all of which led to his eventual destruction. Therefore, Julius Caesar was assassinated because many aristocrats and senators had great objection to his political and ideological philosophies, as well as having personal grudges against him. [2: Kugener, M. A., L. Herrmann, and M. Renard, eds. Latomus Revue D'Etutdes Latines., 1987.][3: Ibid. ][4: Freeman, Charles, Egypt, Greece and Rome, 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2004.][5: Ibid.][6: Appian, The Civil Wars, Book 4, sections 111-117][7: Adcock, F. E, "Caesar's Dictatorship," The Cambridge Ancient History, Vol 9: The Roman Republic 133-44 BC. Ed. S. A. Cook, F. E. Adcock, and M. P. Charlesworth. Cambridge, Eng.: University Press, 1951. 961 - 740. ][8: Ibid.][9: Ibid. ][10: Kugener, M. A., L. Herrmann, and M. Renard, eds. Latomus Revue D'Etutdes Latines., 1987.][11: Ibid. ][12: Adcock, F. E, "Caesar's Dictatorship," The Cambridge Ancient History, Vol 9: The Roman Republic 133-44 BC. Ed. S. A. Cook, F. E. Adcock, and M. P. Charlesworth. Cambridge, Eng.: University Press, 1951. 961 - 740. ][13: Ibid. ]Throughout Ancient Roman history, the senate was always been a place of power and those who were able to become a senator are given great respect. Members of the senate had control of the treasury, they also had full jurisdiction of any crimes occurring in Italy which required public investigation, and were responsible for sending embassies to other countries. In 46 BC, when Caesar was consul and dictator of the Roman Republic, he create a law which took away the majority of power from the senate, in the fact that when he was out of the country, no policy could be created. This allowed the day to day running of Rome to continue, but no laws or elections could take place while he was gone. When Caesar took away the majority of power from the senate he angered a large number of aristocrats. Nothing made his increased power and tyranny like behaviour more apparent than this new order. It gave senators a reason to dislike him and his political beliefs. Researchers have found that Caesar had no intention of creating a representative system because he felt he was more than capable of making decisions for all of the people. Caesar never shared his plans for the future of the senate with anyone. He knew that the majority of members opposed him and his behaviour as dictator of Rome, and so he continually placed new members into the senate. When the senate would act against his wishes,...

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