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Reasons For Romes's Decline Essay

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Reasons for Rome's DeclineIn 476 AD the fall of the greatest civilization to date occurred, leaving a sad empire that would never regain its power. The fall of Rome arose for many reasons including an economic catastrophe, a military disaster, and an empire that was too large to control. In the end, the Roman Empire died a legacy that would never be forgotten.When the Roman Empire began it was known for its economic success, but that didn't last forever. First, the government started building up the army and undertaking public works projects. This dramatically increased the usual money spent, and the government raised tax rates. Soon the tax needs exceeded the tax capacity of the government and led to inflation. Over the period 218 to 268 AD the silver contents of the Roman coin dropped to one five thousandth of its original level. Sometimes the size and weight of the coins were reduced. Agriculture also faced problems. The crop fields had lost their fertility due to ...view middle of the document...

The small barbarian tribes who had fought the early empire now banded together to form more powerful alliances such as Goths, Franks, and Alamanni. Spirited emperors like Diocletian, Constantine, Constantius II (337 - 361) and Valentinian (364 - 375) kept the barbarians beyond the borders until the Huns arrived and drove the Goths into the empire. From then on Romans could not destroy these Goths. Once one group of barbarians had entered the Empire, the Romans could not gather enough strength to keep others out. Barbarians went on to settle all over the western empire. Visigoths, Alans, and Suevi took land in Spain, Vandals in Africa, and Burgundians, Visigoths, and Franks in Gaul. Elsewhere, Saxons invaded Britain and at the end of the fifth century, Ostrogoths occupied Italy. The Roman Empire started with military excellence but ended with a military disaster!Ancient Rome had the largest empire ever but having an empire that runs through three continents can be very hard to handle. Romans should have listened to the emperor Augustus at the time of his death. He advised his successors to stop Rome's expansion for fear that the empire would become too large to govern. They did not heed his advice. Augustus' nephew, Claudius, organized a fearsome force that successfully invaded Britain. Emperor Trajan, a highly skilled general, also ignored Augustus' recommendations and pursued aggressive military campaigns. In 103 AD, Trajan crushed the Dacians of the Danube region. Before Trajan's death in 117 AD, Mesopotamia and Assyria had also been added to the collection of territories. Although the empire would continue to exist for several more centuries, Rome was now at its largest size. Towards the end of the empire, Rome split into an Eastern Empire and a Western Empire but it was too late. The empire was already in its state of decline and could not recover.Rome had many reasons for its decline but I also think it was about time for the empire to come to an end. Instead of asking why the Roman Empire was destroyed, people should be asking why it lasted so long. The military, economics, and size of the empire were the main reasons for the "fall" but Rome will always be remembered for many other magnificent things, and the greatest empire of all time!

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