Reasons For Dropping Out Of School

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Education is an indispensable vague for every field in life; however, a lot of people drop out of school for many reasons. The three reasons are lacking of parent's support, individual choices and affect of drugs on students. In my opinion, each person has his or her own attitudes and values regarding education. Nevertheless, according to many people, education is basic component for future opportunities. Others might have an opposite view; therefore they choose to work instead of going to school. It doesn't mean that you won't have a job if you don't have an education. It just means that you have to fight harder to obtain a job, as compared to those who are in the educational system.I have a best friend who I knew in college as a perfect example of the rationalization above. Jim was an outstanding student in the class. Jim's father was a successful businessman, and his mother was ...view middle of the document...

The second reason that people drop out of school is because of their own choices. In the summer of 1995, I went to visit my uncle, and I was very surprised when I heard my cousin Kim had dropped out of college. Kim was raised in a rather wealthy family with everything provided by her father. A good future was waiting ahead of her. How could this happen? I asked Kim the reasons that caused to Kim to drop out school. She replied that she could get a job offer with or without an education background. She couldn't wait until her graduation because she was afraid that she would lose the chance for the job offer. She continued to say that some of her friends found it difficult to look for a better job after they graduated anyway. Her responses made me feel depress, but I guess it's her choice, and she's comfortable making the decision not to pursue her education further.Finally, and most important reasons for drop out of school is the effect of drugs when students use during the time they are in college. I have another friend named Thai whom I know in De Anza College. Thai started using drug in the first year of college. He hung out with the wrong peers, and consequently had access to drugs. Drug usage is addictive and harmful to the brain; as a result school performances are often poor. He was unable to concentrate on school works and constantly playing catch up when he is sobered. From that time on, Thai became depressed, and as a result his learning deteriorated much. After that, Thai had dropped out from school and police put him in jail because he had violated the laws by abusing illegal substances. The harsh consequences, Thai had to pay for the behaviors that he had chosen. His future is ruined because his involvement with drugs.The reasons that people drop out of schools are related to parents' supports, individual choices and substance abuses. The three reasons discussed above are just a few examples of why students choose to drop out of school; indeed there are many other reasons as well. Each reason has its own merits, and my friends are good illustrations.

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