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Reasoning Superstitions Essay

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Reasoning Superstitions!
How many of you start worrying when you feel your left eye is blinking or when you hear a dog howling somewhere in the neighbourhood? The most stubborn amongst us never argue an infamous superstition. Is it because we have failed to find reason in old wives tales, passed to us through generations or is it because somewhere deep inside we feel these beliefs are factual? Ever wondered where and how these fallacies originated? Is it just us who believe whatever tale is heaved upon us or do others believe these pretenses too?
People all around the world believe in superstitions one way or the other. It is very difficult to say which country has the most superstitious ...view middle of the document...

Some were thought up to defame an eminent religion while others were devised because man needs someone or something to put the blame on!
Black Cats Are Evil!
This superstition is a true example of tension between followers of different religions. The Egyptian Goddess Bast was a black female cat. In order to disparage the religion, Christian priests convinced their followers that all black cats were evil! This innocent creature is scorned by people all over the world! Many believe that it is unlucky if a black cat crosses your way and the more superstitious amongst us accept ignorantly that black cats carry spirits and bring you bad luck!
Breaking A Mirror Brings Bad Luck! Not surprisingly, this superstition too originates from Europe. It is believed that Romans were the first to invent mirrors before that, any reflection in water or a metal object was thought to be the person's soul. The romans believed that breaking a mirror or disturbing a reflection in water caused disruption to the soul, hence seven years of bad luck! Many cultures trust this age old tale while very few in Asia have contrasting beliefs.
Found A Penny? Lucky You!
How many times have you pocketed a coin found on the street? Finding a metal coin was said to bring good fortune and this superstition too has a reason. People once believed that metal was a gift from God and if you found a metal object, it would be lucky for you!
Never Walk Under A Ladder
Now this is one superstition that makes sense! Although it originates back to Rome where Christians thought it was bad luck to break a triangle since it represents the concept of trinity. A ladder against a wall makes a triangle but it is also common sense that you might get hurt while walking under a ladder!
Wedding Ring And The 'Ring Finger'! The 'ring finger' is the third one on the left hand. Almost all cultures follow the tradition of wearing the wedding ring in this finger. The popularity of this superstition that has evolved into a tradition shows the admiration of Egyptian beliefs. In ancient...

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