Reality Television The New Form Of Entertainment

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Online Shopping Vs. Traditional Brick & Mortar Shopping
By: Cathy Peifer

Traditional brick and mortar shopping has decreased and may soon become a thing of the past because of the increase of online shopping.
Since the introduction of online shopping, sales have decreased immensely in traditional stores. While the company is still making the same, if not more, number of sales, stores are becoming smaller in size and cannot carry or display as much merchandise. Because of this, people are choosing the convenience of online shopping over traditional shopping. Consumers no longer have to wait until the store is open and can even shop while still in their pajamas. However, there are ...view middle of the document...

They offer the deals online and the shipping costs gets directed to the customer. If a brick and mortar store become overstocked on an item, it may be a sale that is offered in store only. The only way to benefit from this would be to go to the store, which may have a limited selection due to end of season merchandise that the company does not want to hold on to until the product is seasonably appropriate to sell again.
With everyday life getting more time constrained and money is not flowing the way it used to, consumers need to compare which method of shopping is going to save them time and money. Because of internet shopping, you no longer need to leave your home, use gasoline to drive to the store in possibly risky weather, risk being in an accident, stand in line or find a salesperson for help if needed. Comparison shopping has become an easier task to accomplish because of internet shopping. With just a few clicks on a browser, consumers can compare prices between stores, brand names and styles. We have a larger selection of colors, sizes and styles to choose from because everything is stored in a large warehouse compared to a traditional store. Traditional stores have less room to keep a vast amount of inventory so your selection and options may be limited. To be comparative shopping at a brick and mortar store, the consumer has to be willing to drive to different stores, put the money forward for gas and wear and tear on their vehicle and have a lot of time set aside to be able to do this. However, the downside of shopping online is that while you can visually see the product and read the description, you cannot physically hold the product or try the product on which can change the appeal that you had for the product. If you order something online and decide that you do not want it, then you have to return it to the merchandiser which costs time because it has to be mailed back, money for postage and many find this step very inconvenient. If you buy a product in a local retail store, you can return it with your receipt and in...

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