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Reality Television Essay

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Reality television.

Reality TV is getting crazier compared to a couple years ago. The reason is that the producers want high viewer ratings and to reach that goal they have to “beat the other reality shows in craziness”. I can’t imagine what the reality shows will look like in 5-10 years.

Write a summary of When Reality TV Gets T00 Real (text 2) in about 150 words:
The text “When reality TV gets too real” is mainly about what the boundaries are for stepping in and stop the show or let the camera run so they get higher ratings. The show “Intervention” is a show about people with addiction to drugs or alcohol. There have been several of cases where the producer and his crew considered to step in because the situation was getting a little out of control. Especially the example in the text with the women who ...view middle of the document...

They let a drunk women drive a car while they follow the car from behind with a camera. The only thing they care about is the viewer ratings their program gets.  

“TV kidney competition was a hoax” is a Dutch program where three patients need a kidney. The three patients compete for the kidney but, what they don’t know is that the show is a hoax. The person who got the kidney is an actor. The show got a lot of criticism but it highlighted the need for donors.
“Ethics of reality TV” is about the reality show “Big Brother”. The program is getting crazier every year. The reason is because they want their viewers to keep watching every year and to raise the viewer ratings on the program.

Comment on the following statement from text 2: “In recent years producers and
Networks have increasingly pushed the boundaries of television in
Search of another rating hit”:
I can understand why the producers push the boundaries but at the same time could show consideration for their fellow human beings. There is a lot of money in television in this century and this is a very good example of the boundary between money and people.

4. Write an article for the magazine Media today in which you discuss the appeal of reality television to viewers today.

Our society today is very entertained by all the reality shows but why?. I think that the producers entertain specially the youth who love this type of program. The audience who is a little older than other viewers think that reality programs is just plain nonsense. The producers make the show crazier year for year. The viewers of the show are probably the same group of persons every year namely the youth. For example: In a Danish reality program the participants have to shoot a calf to stay in the program. Why is that necessary? Producers of reality programs are going too far just to make money and get high viewer ratings. It’s sad that everything is about money these days and i think its ruin the society.

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