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Real Man! <Compare Essay "Giving Up The Gun" By Andre Dubus And "How To Tell A True War Story" By O'brien>

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What makes a real man? A very traditional idea of it is that men are strong, be responsible the protectors, the providers and aggressive. In our society, we always hear people says men must fight for their lovers and nation, men should take care of the family, and man should living for competition. In the essay "Giving up the gun" by Andre Dubus and "How to tell a true war story" by O'Brien, authors indicate that manhood must be earned through moral character, Patriotism and hard work..In the essay, "Giving Up the Gun," Dubus recognizes the need to resist the link between manliness and gun owning. He had owned a gun in order to protect ...view middle of the document...

He ends the essay with these words: "Then I felt something detach itself from my soul, departing, rising, vanishing, and I said to God: It's up to You now. This is not the humble and pure and absolutely spiritual love of turning the other cheek On the train, I gave up answers that are made of steel that fire lead, and I decided to sit in a wheelchair on the frighteningly invisible palm of God." Dubus was hit by a car and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Now, he is more helpless in this situation, he gives up his gun and lives without it. He knows that he cannot ultimately protect anyone in his life, not even the women, because he is powerless and he couldn't protect himself.How to Tell a True War Story about storytelling about men at war. Patriotism to man is feel pride in being an American soldier. This is why they went to join the military because they wanted to fight for their country. In the essay, "How to tell a true war story", author says this story is true. His buddy in Vietnam is Rat Kiley, his best friend Curt Lemon was killed during the war. Rat writes a letter to the man's sister, telling her what a wonderful, daring, brave man Curt was. Rat put his heart out in the letter, telling the sister just how much her brother meant to him. She never writes back, so Rat gets mad at the sister. There is no goodness in war, there's only obscenity and evil. His best friend is dead and war is too much for him. Curt is a real man through the war, he immolated for his country. We admire him for his bravery.

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