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Reading Readiness Vs Emergent Literacy Essay

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The most unforgettable moment in my life is the day when my pet dog died. Being just a young innocent boy, I really never understood the meaning of death or the purpose of it. All I could understand is that it comes uninvited unexpectedly and it is inevitable, for all life will come to an end one day. The tragic moment happened when I took my pet dog out for a walk. It was when we reached an intersection and was crossing a pedestrian line when a car turning left immediately rushed to turn after I passed him and all of sudden a loud cry came from my dog. As I look behind me, I saw my dog got run over by the car which did not stopped at all and just drove off. I was there standing, looking and ...view middle of the document...

rybody have an unforgettable day in their life. Some felt happy when recall that specific day but some felt sad when recall that day. For me, it brought a lot of joy when I think about the unforgettable day of my life. It was 9th September 2009, I was rushing to the school because it was my last paper for SPM exam. It’s already too late to the school and my dad starts to nag while waiting for me in the car to drop at the school. I took my school bag, revision papers, water bottle and some other things and run fast to the car. I sit in the car quietly because I know that my father really hot under the collar because it also already late for his work.

My father drop me at the school and go to the work quickly. I walked straight away to the exam hall and I saw all candidates were sitting in their seat and get ready for the exam. I also took my place and get ready to the exam. After 2 ½ hour, we all came out from the exam hall. I felt relax because finally my five years effort came to the end. I’d done best in all of my exam paper and I hope I will get a good result as well as possible. Then, I realized that my friends were didn’t talk to me since morning. I thought they concentrate on their exam and that is why they didn’t talk to me. I saw they busily shake hands to their friends and say good bye to them. So, I went there and talk as usual but they didn’t bother me. They talk with others. I felt unhappy and confused of the changes in their attitude. Suddenly, my close companion Pranita walked across in front of me. I called her and tried talk to her but she refused my talking and continued her walking. I was totally fed up. Moreover, at school I was as alone as the last leaf on a tree before winter begins. So, I back to the home and straight away go to my room. I stayed at room for half an hour. Then I feel very hungry so I went to the kitchen. My mother was busy with her cooking. I asked, “mom what is today special?” my mother reply, “nothing”. I noticed that my mother face was dull. So I don’t want to disturbed her and I just make a cup of coffee and some loaf of bread and went to the hall. I watched the television for a while and it makes me bored. So, I went back to my room.

I felt very confusing about the attitude of my friends and mother. They were behaved differently today. Usually, my friend Pranita always talks with me. She never refused my talking from form 1 until yesterday but today she refused my interaction with her. There also have some changes with my mother. My mother is very friendly. Usually, when I back from the school, she started her question. She asked about my school and asked about the exam, homework but today she didn’t asked anything to me. Usually, if I stayed at room for ten minutes, my mom started to knock my room’s door and asked, “Why are you staying alone at room? Any problem?” but today I stayed at room for half an hour; she didn’t knock my room’s door. It was strange. I asked myself, “Why they behave...

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