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Reading Is The Best Way For Student

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[Abstract] improve the students reading ability is essential in language teaching. This article describes the improvement of teaching practice-based college English reading ability of several effective ways to reform the English teaching methods to help students to read the concept of change and overcome the bad reading habits.

[Keywords:] to read the concept of teaching methods

Language activities, reading is a very important part of improving students reading comprehension ability has always been one of the important goals of foreign language teaching. The improvement of reading ability can not do without the guidance of the correct theory and correct systematic ...view middle of the document...

Teachers should read the idea that the brain input to the students so that students understand the reading process, they are no longer passive recipients of the message, but positive thinking activities, participants and creators. Is no longer a simple and boring to read the language of knowledge and practice activities, but can have their own understanding and perspective creative activities. After reading one or two class discussions after the event, students will be interested in reading slowly aroused. For example, we let the students read the following paragraph in English:

This is just to say

I have eaten

the plums

that were in the icebox

and which

you were probably


for breakfast

Forgive me

they were delicious

so sweet and

so cold

Wilian Carlos Willians

Teachers can allow students to read it thinking: This is a poem or a note or a letter. The students according to their own experience, analysis, reasoning and judgments, may come to different conclusions, but no one is wrong. For example, the students re-read the American Modernist writer, Ernest Hemingway's "Hits", the students talk about the feelings of the story to check their reading effect. A might say: "People may be destroyed, but will never be defeated." Student B might say: "" Hits "is a mantra of the human spirit." C student might say: "This story illustrates both How strong you are, eventually you will be nothing. "Student D may be from a different point of view to express their views:" capitalist society is cruel, no matter how old you have to be struggling simply to survive. "Their comments come from a different perspective is that they will each life experience, cultural background with the author of works created by combining the activities of creative thinking. Therefore, teachers in the design of reading comprehension exercises, in addition to the knowledge of the language of the practice, we must also design some understanding and appreciation of problems. These questions are not designed with the only correct answer, but can they leave a certain space to thinking, to participate in the author's creative activities, which help to improve student interest in reading and inspire their reading motivation and thus improve their reading comprehension ability .

(B) changes in teaching methods

As mentioned earlier, reading is the interaction between readers and authors process. Reading process is a creative process of high-level mental language activities, students reading process no one to replace. Therefore, in reading instruction, we should emphasize student-centered, traditional teaching methods should change.

In reading it is best to organize to improve the background knowledge-based classroom activities, because the background knowledge of readers reading more we learn, the deeper level of...

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