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Reading For Understanding Essay

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SmarThinking Assignment #1
Jonathan Garrett
Keiser University

“The student must do the learning” in my opinion is a true statement. A person can sit in class all day long listening to a lecture and still not have a clue as to what is going on. If one wants to retain knowledge and apply it, it is up to that person to learn and comprehend the material that is presented to them by the teacher. Understandably, there are times when one does not get the information right away. When this happens though, it is up to the student to find out why they are not comprehending and get the additional information that is needed to learn the material.

Smarthinking Assignment #1
In “The Activity and Art of Reading,” the authors explain to us the difference between reading information ...view middle of the document...

If one wants to retain knowledge and apply it, it is up to that person to learn and comprehend the material that is presented to them by the teacher. Understandably, there are times when one does not get the information right away. When this happens though, it is up to the student to find out why they are not comprehending and get the additional information that is needed to learn the material.
How do You See Your Role as a Student with Respect to Your Instructor?
My role as a student is to retain the knowledge and apply it. As a student, I choose to go to school so that I have knowledge of the field I am working in. In order to be successful as a student, it is up to me to learn and utilize the material given by the teacher. That way I have a better understanding of the work I want to do or am already doing.
What Roles Does a Teacher Play in Learning?
A teacher plays a very important part of learning. The teacher is the one who is supposed to provide the information to the student. It is also the teacher’s role to explain the information and try their best to get the students to understand the information. Teachers do this by providing assignments and exercises. Also quizzes are given to see if the students actually comprehended what was taught.
Is There a Cultural Component to This Attitude-that is, how does the Role of The Teacher Vary in Different Cultures You Know About?
There is definitely a cultural component to this attitude. In some cultures teachers are very highly regarded. In others, not so much. I will use the United States as an example. Teachers are grossly underpaid most times, and disrespected many times also. Other occupations i.e. pop stars and athletes are paid and respected more in this country than the teachers who helped them get to where they are now.

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