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Reading Comprehension Of Multigrade Pupils In San Jose District

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Chapter I
Multigrade schooling is a worldwide phenomenon in most of the rural areas. Multigrade teaching is a result of financial constraints, non-availability of teachers, scarcity of infrastructures or lack of resources. Multigrade teaching refers to the teaching of different ages, grades and abilities in the same group. It is referred to variously in the literature as ‘multilevel’, ‘multiple class’, ‘composite class’, ‘vertical group’, ‘family class’, and in the case of one-teacher schools, ‘unitary schools’(Veenman, 1995). Multigrade classes are commonly found in sparsely populated areas in rural setting or in areas with high pupil ...view middle of the document...

Reading is a means of language acquisition, of communication, and of sharing information and ideas. It is an interactive process between the text and the reader resulting in comprehension. Anderson et al. (2005) claimed that one of the most surprising findings of classroom research today’s young generation was the small amount of time that children spent actually reading texts. Estimates ranged from 7 to 15 minutes per day from the primary to intermediate grades. An individual who read books everyday have better reading comprehension performance than those who do not (Josefina, M. et al,(2012).
Every teacher of course aims to teach every pupil the best way they wanted to. But before teaching them different lessons, one must test the ability of each pupil in reading. The Department of Education had always been experimenting on different ways to upgrade the public education. Various programs were used to enhance the skills of pupils particularly in reading. Examples are the Project DEAR(Drop Everything And Read), Project ECARP (Every Child A Reader Program), Project ROWD (Read One Word a Day), Project MAYOR (Municipality’s Asset Young Outstanding Readers), ERC (Extensive Reading Center), ZNR (Zero Non-Reader), Project ARAW(All Read, All Write), Project SPREAD (Spell Pronounce and Read), Project READ ( Reading Efficiency Assessment in the Division), Project RECITAL (Read Enthusiastically with Correct Intonation, Tone and Language) and Project RACE(Reading and Comprehension in English). Another is the Philippine Informal Reading Inventory(Phil-IRI) which has two types, the Silent Reading and the Oral Reading both in English and Filipino.
Different methods and styles in teaching are now being used to cope up with the learners’ needs but still pupils that belong to multigrade classes are struggling to read when they reached the secondary level of schooling. The researcher strongly affirms that there is a need to assess the reading performance of pupils particularly those that belong to multigrade classes since the researcher is a multigrade teacher (from Agus Elementary School for a year and was transferred to Pisapungan ElementarySchool which is also a multigrade school for morethan a year now). In view thereof, the researcher was motivated to evaluate the reading performance of the selected pupils in San Jose District which may serve as a basis for a remediation program that will benefit the pupils, teachers and school administrators. There is still a chance to improve the quality of teaching and enhance the learner’s capabilities in reading resulting to a competent learner with great knowledge, values and skills, a learner who passionately love their country and whose competencies and values enable them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully in building the nation.
Statement of the Problem
The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the reading performance of the selected multigrade pupils for the school year...

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