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Reading College Textbooks Essay

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Paragraph 1

I don’t really enjoy reading unless it’s something I’m really interested in. After a period of time, I find myself getting bored and easily distracted, making it hard for me to focus on reading at times. I would say my strengths are painting a mental picture of what I am reading, so that I am able to better understand. Another strength I have is applying what I read to my everyday life most of the time, depending on what I am reading. Some weaknesses I have are forgetting some of the material I just read, especially if it’s something I don’t find interesting. Another weakness I have is finding myself starring at the same sentence or paragraph because of boredom from reading. In regards ...view middle of the document...

Paragraph 2

I normally do complete my required readings for each course. If I didn’t, I would be making it harder on myself as far as completing quizzes and understanding the course material for the present lesson. I normally read my college textbook by just skimming through the chapter and looking through the pictures or diagrams first. Afterwards, I start reading what I am assigned to read for that week. I do well in completing all of my reading assignments. I normally would read half of my material in the morning, then the other half in the evening, while reviewing all of the reading material during the week. When reading college textbooks, I would probably need to change the way in which I highlight key information in the text. I have thought about using a color coded method for key terms and other important information.

Paragraph 3

I would normally read my college textbooks in the morning then again in the afternoon. I am usually in my living room alone with a cup of coffee as I read. I have a habit of leaving the television on while I read, which is good for me because this actually helps me concentrate more. For some reason, I have a hard time reading in total silence. In order for me to comprehend my college textbooks more effectively, I would need to put my infant to sleep in her own room. Usually she naps near me while I do my reading, however this is a distraction, because she tends to wake up and expects me to play with her immediately. If I would put her in her room as I sometimes do, this would not be a distraction for me because then she would play on her own and I could get more reading done.

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