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Read The Scenario Below, And Then In A Short Paper (1 2 Pages, Typed, 12 Point Font, 1’’ Margins) Discuss And Answer The Following Question Thoroughly And Thoughtfully, Applying Class Concepts When Possible:

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Cross-Cultural psychology
Assignment 2
Kwan Adams
Read the scenario below, and then in a short paper (1-2 pages, typed, 12 point font, 1’’ margins) discuss and answer the following question thoroughly and thoughtfully, applying class concepts when possible:
1- What values of childrearing are represented by Lynn’s parenting of her son? (In other words, what parenting practices are considered acceptable in her culture and why? What is expected of children in her culture?)
2- How well do Lynn’s values of childrearing fit with the parenting values found in the United States? Be specific.
3- In your opinion, is it ever appropriate to interfere with someone else’s cultural ...view middle of the document...

” Lynn could not understand why these strangers reacted in this way. She arrived two years ago, as a Cambodian refugee, and thus far had had nothing critical said to her. What had she done to upset these people? Traditional Cambodian child-. Moreover, this type of physical punishment is a major component of the child’s learning process in her home country, where parental authority in the family is seldom challenged. Most parental behavior is supported by the extended family, the local community, and the Buddhist religion. A study found that more than 50 percent of Southeast Asian parents reported having used physical punishment of their children at some point (Tajima & Harachi, 2010). However, the same study found that among immigrant families, education and the experience of living the United States decrease spanking of children. Globally, affluence and education change parental attitudes toward the use of physical force against their family members.
Shire, E.B., &Levy, D.A. (2013). Cross-Cultural Psychology: Critical Thinking and Contemporary Applications (5th ed.) Boston, MA: Pearson.
Content -Each Question is answered and discussed in detail

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