• Read Each Scenario And Determining The Following:

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• Read each scenario and determining the following:
a. Does the scenario describe a sexual assault?
b. If so, what type?
c. If rape, what type?
d. Who is the victim?
e. Who is the alleged perpetrator
Scenario 1Minnie Lee and Sandra Chip are both sergeant first class attending the Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course (ANCOC). They have become good friends during their training and have a lot in common. Both of them are divorced and have one child. With only a week left in the course, they decide to go to the theater to see the latest movie. As they watch the movie Minnie asks Sandra, “May I kiss you?” Before Sandra can respond, Minnie grabs Sandra and places her mouth over her lips. Sandra struggles to get away, not believing what is happening to her. After pulling away, she walks out of the theater in a state of shock and surprise.
Scenario 2First Sergeant Lee asks SSG Long to befriend and mentor his teenage son Mike. SSG Long ...view middle of the document...

Mrs. Wayne has been going through some hard times at work and has lost her sex drive. While out to dinner, Sergeant Major Wayne slips some rohypnol in her drink when she goes to the ladies room. After they finish dinner, he drives them home and helps her get ready for bed. He proceeds to have sex with his wife. Sergeant Major Wayne feels what he is doing is okay because this is his wife, and it is her duty to make love to him.
Scenario 4CPT Monk and CPT Ross have become close friends since they started working together about a year ago. CPT Monk and his wife have been having marital problems for the past six months, so he stays late at work most evenings. One evening, after working late, CPT Monk calls CPT Ross and asks her to join him for dinner because he didn’t want to eat alone. During dinner, CPT Monk starts drinking too much and breaks down, telling CPT Ross all about his marital problems. CPT Monk didn’t want to go home in his condition and asks CPT Ross if he could crash out at her place for the night. CPT Ross respects and trusts CPT Monk and allows him to stay. An hour later CPT Monk wakes up and goes into CPT Ross’s bedroom to let her know that he appreciates her letting him stay there. While in her room, he pins down her hands and forces penetration. Afterwards he apologizes for his behavior and leaves her apartment. His action totally takes her by surprise and leaves her wondering what to do.
Scenario 1:
a. Does the scenario describe a sexual assault?   Yes.
b. If so, what type? It is Indecent Assault.
c. If rape, what type? It is not rape.
d. Who is the victim? SFC Sandra Chip.
e. Who is the alleged perpetrator? SFC Minnie Lee.
Scenario 2:
a. Does the scenario describe a sexual assault? Yes.
b. If so, what type? Rape.
c. If rape, what type? Statutory rape
d. Who is the victim? Mike
e. Who is the alleged perpetrator? SSG Long
Scenario 3:
a. Does the scenario describe a sexual assault? Yes.
b. If so, what type? Rape.
c. If rape, what type? non-consensual
d. Who is the victim? Mrs. Wayne
e. Who is the alleged perpetrator? Sergeant Major Wayne
Scenario 4:
a. Does the scenario describe a sexual assault? Yes.
b. If so, what type? Rape
c. If rape, what type?
d. Who is the victim? CPT Ross 
e. Who is the alleged perpetrator? CPT Monk 



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