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Reaction Paper

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Anti-Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment you can get any form and location, you can get it in any form, through your eyes, through your actions, especially in physical aspects, sexual teasing, jokes, remarks or gestures, materials of sexual nature etc. a unwanted attention either by touching or talking to a reasonable person in a way he/she does not like, consider that a sexual harassment. this seminars helps a lot for us specially for the young ages, sexual harassment based on sexual ...view middle of the document...

The speaker tells us the different kinds of harassment. it also may do in “speaking” or conversation, so be careful especially girls, and based on my research, the women are prone to harassment, in UK 60% of females at work and 90% of female undergraduates experiences sexual harassment, not only in my research, also in my observation in our country (PH), but if you let them do it “it’s not an sexual harassment”, it’s you choice. In our culture harassment is not new, it’s common already. All of these the reason why do they don’t report, maybe it’s because they feel hopeless, powerless, they don’t know how report of harassment maybe they are shock of what happened, they don’t think their friends will support them, and lastly maybe they are afraid of the harasser because it’s usually manifest itself with the symptoms of high stress, depress, and anxiety. Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination that violates, all I can that say in that seminar is I can use that in case of emergency or something happens with me or with my friends, co-workers, family, I have an idea, I know what is right and wrong, I can apply it. Now I’m also aware and careful of what I do, of what I throw jokes.

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