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Re: Week 4 Discussion 2 Essay

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The Entrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneurship is defined as “the willingness to take risks”. (Kurtz, 2010 p.182). The people who make entrepreneurship happen are those who “seek a profitable opportunity and take the necessary risks to set up and operate a business” who are known as entrepreneurs. (Kurtz, 2010 p.182). In this assignment, we will analyze the different leadership styles of the well know entrepreneurs, Thomas Edison who was an American scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur, and Anita Roddick who is the founder of The Body Shop and encourages social responsibility in a number of facets. In addition, we are going to discuss the major business principles these ...view middle of the document...

Anita Roddick, creator of The Body Shop, the second largest cosmetic company on the planet, changed the way business was done on the factory-front. In an article by her, “The Body Shop: Freeing the Corporate Spirit” she says about her business, “what we take seriously is our product development and there we have one rule of thumb - go in the opposite direction to the cosmetic industry” (Roddick, 1991, p.16). Very ethically, she takes serious the materials used in her products and the uses of the profits made from the sale of them. Roddick places emphasis on anthropology, understanding dwindling cultures, and applying intercultural practices to her business. Roddick also has her own positive agenda in the field of marketing. “Finally we have turned marketing on its head by linking products to social causes and making them emissaries for political messages” (Roddick, 1991, p.17). While profitable, Roddick was concerned with input from the consumer, and was constantly trying to put out products with a lesser degree of negative environmental impact, beginning as early as the late 1980s and early 1990s before the Global Warming crisis had really been put on the front page. Another notable effort on Roddick’s behalf is the lack of testing, either beta or finished products, on animals.
Just because she was environmentally and socially conscious certainly doesn’t mean that Anita Roddick was an effective businesswoman. …”Anita Roddick [was] a widely acknowledged prototype of a responsible leader (Pless, 2007, p.1). In her research, Pless posits that leadership skills are learned as early as childhood and is unconscious (p.439). Pless goes on to list various characteristics of effective and ethical leaders, and Anita Roddick is a perfect fit. Perhaps Roddick and Pless may have shared some similar ideas, had they ever known each other Roddick lists as one of the lessons she’s learned through business and her life is “that you do not wait for extraordinary opportunities, you seize common occasions to make them great” (Roddick, 1991, p.20). Anita Roddick certainly had vision, a high energy level, and creativity, an internal locus of control, and self-confidence and optimism.
Two other entrepreneurs who have changed not only our lives, but the face of business and the way of the world, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin, co-founders of Google. Don’t know what that constellation is? Google it. Can’t think of that actor from that episode of that show in 1995? Google it. It is nothing short of astonishing what the ingenuity of these men have allowed us as a global civilization to achieve, both on micro and macro levels. Not only have these men facilitated our instant access to knowledge, but have paved another layer on the skyscraper of knowledge that has been in construction since the creation of the written work. After Google and the internet, the possibilities are endless. While Google faces opposition and censorship in foreign countries, it still remains...

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