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Re: Introductory Discussion Board Essay

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Business Research Ethics
November 26, 2012

Within the public sector organizations, leaders are held accountable for their actions, and are held to a higher standard. The values that have been associated with ethics in the public sector are one that is independently explored. “In general, however, many of the values commonly associated with theories of leadership, such as transformational and transactional, can similarly be associated with ethical values ad expectations of public officials-potentially allowing for the incorporation of these ethical considerations into an integrated approach to public-sector leadership” ...view middle of the document...

There are primary ethical obligations of a public sector leader, and these include:

• Protecting the concern of the people

• Enduring by appropriate state, federal, and constitutional laws while at the same time having respect for the procedures within the organization

• Engaging in basic managerial and supervisory responsibilities such as oversight and planning

• Being honest to an official information

• Acting in reason, fairness, and impartiality in every situation

• Protecting prudence and good judgment in decision making

• Providing confidence to citizenry, stakeholders, and subordinates in the abilities of the official to perform the required duties and demonstrating intelligence and aptitude in the assigned or elected position

• Providing subordinates with the adequate direction and motivational encouragement needed to perform their responsibilities (McDougal, No Year). There is also a set of universal ethics that can be applied to everyday life. They are trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, reliability, loyalty, respect, responsibility, fairness, and caring.

Blagojevich definitely breached ethical obligations. Under the universal standard he breached all because he committed bribery among other things, and also went against the oath he took. He also committed racketeering for approximately six years.

Within the public sector Blagojevich breached the following ethical obligations:

1. Abiding by appropriate state, federal, and constitutional laws

2. Acting in reason and fairness

3. Providing confidence to citizenry, stakeholders and subordinates

4. Demonstrating prudence and good judgment in decision making...

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