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Cash Grab Essay
The people that would pick up the money from the wrecked Brink’s truck consist of people with very negative personality traits. Some of these traits include being absent-minded, angry, careless, depressed, greedy, hateful, ignorant, immature, lazy, selfish, unhappy, and violent. People with any of these traits are more inclined to take from others. People with very low incomes may also take the money because they might feel it is a necessity to pay bills or even to feed ...view middle of the document...

People with Kleptomania are unable to resist the impulse to take things and the monetary value is not even considered when stealing. The ways these people might look/dress would vary a lot because there isn’t just one type of person that would take from the truck.
The people that would not take from the truck include people with high morals and positive personality traits. People that are confident, fearless, helpful, trusting, humble, obedient, responsible, honest, courageous, ethical, self-disciplined, and committed are those that would most likely not take from the truck. An example of this type of person might be a highly religious person with high moral values. Another person that would not steal would be someone who is very self-disciplined and committed to abiding by the law such as a police officer or firefighter.
If I were to steal money from the Brinker’s truck there would have to a major family emergency. An example would be if one of my family members was in need of heart transplant and there was no one in the family that had that kind of money. I would feel the necessity to take the money to help save the life of beloved one.

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