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Revolution in the world of personal computer
DateRevolution in the world of personal computer
The personal computer in the 21st century can be considered more of a basic need than a luxury. This is as a result of the world becoming computerized and more and more people even in the older generation are becoming dependent on it. The entertainment industry has become more sophisticated, and everything now revolves around computers from music, games, gambling, movies, news, communication just to mention a few (Jacko & Stephanidis, 2003).
A personal computer connected to the Internet enables a person to enjoy any form of entertainment from all corners of the world. A football fan in ...view middle of the document...

Thousands of music and movie files can be downloaded and stored in the computer to be enjoyed at the owners’ convenience. People can now shop online or even carry out bank transactions without even moving an inch. They can also catch the latest news of their favorite celebrity artists and even chat with them through numerous social platforms (Misa, 2007).
Consumers can now sample various forms of entertainment using their personal computers. They can order and pay for any form of entertainment that they can think of. Social media and other platforms have enabled producers in the entertainment industry to reach out to millions of potential clients through digital advertisements, and they can keep them updated with new items and offers. Consumers, therefore, can access all this information and decide on what they want (Jacko & Stephanidis, 2003).
Advantages of computerization of entertainment

Computerization of entertainment has made entertainment more accessible to people from all over the world. This is not only beneficial to the consumer but also to the producers who can access their customers on a global platform hence making huge sales (Misa, 2007).
It has also enabled producers of entertainment to advertising more easily and get more reviews and feedback that has enabled them improve on their products.
Disadvantages of computerization of entertainment.

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