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Ray Charles Essay

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Ray Charles is considered a musical genius in many different fields. He has a large success in pop, jazz, blues, country, and R&B. Charles is also known as an inventor of soul music.

In the first golden age of rock and roll they only called one man The Genius, and that was none other than Ray Charles. Born in Albany, Georgia, throughout the depression, and blind by the age of seven, Ray Charles Robinson absolutely had the deck stacked against him from the earliest starting point. “Lots of folks shifted musical styles when their sales figures or their muses indicated it, but Brother Ray alone knew how to cross so many musical boundaries at once. Not even ...view middle of the document...

" His first business victory was in 1953, when he masterminded and played piano on bluesman Guitar Slim's recording of The Things That I Used to Do, which sold more than a million copies. On a particular note, Charles was fabulous women man and has 12 child and 20 grandchildren. All around his vocation, Charles never quit seeking after that uncategorizable mix of phrases that is best depicted with a solitary word: soul. Ray Charles died from intense liver illness Thursday June 10, 2004. He was 73. He left a long rundown of hits and Grammy grants and the performers he affected are as various in sort as the music he composed, masterminded, performed and recorded.
Time Frame
Ray Charles was one of those guy who contributed each and every single bit to his singing career. He had his first in 1949 with “Confession Blue”. During this period of time he started to form an addiction to heroin which continued till 1965. “Over the years Ray Charles developed his own unique sound, a blend of blues, R&B and gospel. Charle's musical genius was noticed early and he had several record company contracts and played at the Apollo, Carnegie Hall and the Newport Jazz Festival” (RayCharles Web). He also started appearing in films during 60’s and he also performed at night clubs. Throughout his career he found his way to give hits by singing marvelous songs.

Genre of music
Ray Charles was the musical performer most responsible for improving soul music. Artists like Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson likewise did an extraordinary arrangement to pioneer the structure, yet Charles completed considerably more to devise another form of black pop by combining '50s R&b with gospel-fueled vocals, including more than enough quality from contemporary jazz, soul/blues, and (in the '60s) country. Throughout the '50s, Charles ran off an arrangement of R&b hits that, despite the fact that they weren't called "soul" around then, did a great deal to make ready for soul by exhibiting a type of R&b that was modern without yielding any passionate gravel. “But here is a black man giving you the whitest possible music in the blackest possible way, while all hell is breaking loose with the civil rights movement” (Wenner). Overall, he did work in numerous classification of music, for example, R&b, jazz, soul and so on.
Music type
All around his career, Charles never quit seeking after that uncategorizable mix of expressions that is best depicted with a solitary word: soul. “And just what is soul, according to Ray Charles? As he told Time magazine in 1968: It’s a force...

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