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Raw By Scott Monk Essay

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In the book Raw by Scott Monk shows the personal experience of a young offender over a short time frame. Monk was born in Mackville, NSW, in 1974 and grew up in Sydney. He published his first book when he was 19. Now Monk lives in Adelaide and works as a journalist. He was heavily influence by two American books, the outsider by SE Hinton and the book Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The book Raw is told through third person which gives it a neutral perspective. Monk has written three books, “Boys are us”, “Raw” and “Crush”. He is passionate about writing stories on troubled kids. When Monk was at school he hated English. He keeps his books simple and writes what he knows and this ...view middle of the document...

It started to drizzle then pelted down.” They had been camping and everyone realized how good there life was when Josh told the boys about his home life. The weather symbolises letting go, all the boy’s finally open up to one another. Josh was crying and the rain was also replicating his tears.

Compliance has been used throughout Monks books. Compliance means if you comply with a rule or order you obey it. The taming of the horse parallel against Brett’s behavior, this is where Brett started to take the blame for all his previous action. He started to become more of a favorable protagonist. Juxtaposition was used to show the transition Brett had overcome within his time at the farm. To also convey compliance he has told the book through third person showing that Brett is really the way he is. We get the real characters if it is told from a neutral point of view.

Rehabilitation/ institutionalisation are shown with in Raw. The description of the farm explains to the reader that the farm offers a rehabilitation path rather than one of incasteration. Tyson is a perfect example of how teenagers become hardened by the system. Josh is an excellent foil to Brett. Josh becomes like an older brother to Brett in the end trying to guide him the right way. Sam quotes to Brett “just remember Brett, only you can change your life”. This shows the guidance that Sam offered in farm and Sam was the one that gave him a second chance. After Brett started to realise his life was a mess. The final turn around for Brett was when he had to go and spend time in jail. “He’d lost won fight but won another” this shows his personal growth from the beginning of the book to the end. He had finally taken the blame for his actions. This shows the effect the institution had on Brett. This quote leaves us with the feeling when Brett gets out of doing his time he can continue his path to rehabilitation.

“The courts from the past had always been soft and let him off with a warning”. This solidifies that Dalton is persistent about protesting against the police....

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