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Rave Culture Essay

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Bryan Ponte
Comm Studies 11
Speech Outline

I. Intro: Today I will be discussing a type of music that has become very popular in the past half decade; unless you actually listen to it on a daily basis you probably call it Techno.
A. That’s not the full picture; the correct term is Electronic dance music or EDM.
B. I will inform you in detail what type of music is categorized in EDM.
C. How it began and where it is now.
II. As said by Moby in an interview with USA Today, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a vague term used to describe many different sub-genres that are rooted in beats per minute (bpm).
D. These sub-genres have sub-genres themselves.
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III. The culture that follows EDM is known as the Rave culture.
I. California legislation has labeled a rave as “[A party] at night that includes prerecorded music and lasts more than 3 1/2 hours," (McGreevy).
J. Started in Chicago
11. Began in the mid to late 80s with house.
12. Started in small clubs and warehouses
13. The term was believed to have originated from a club called “The Warehouse” with “The God Father of House” Frankie Knuckles.
K. Moved to Europe
14. In the early 90’s.
15. This is when the sub-genres expanded and many became a part of the culture.
16. The culture reached a mainstream status and began being played in most clubs.

L. Came back to the United States
17. Reached massive success in early 2000’s.
18. Reached a globally recognizable status; big contribution due to UMF & EDC.
19. Biggest music festival in the United States in an EDM festival.
IV. In conclusion:
M. EDM is on the rise to becoming the most popular genre in the world.

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