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Rapunzel Essay

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There was a girl named Rapunzel who despised the woods. She was only 7 years old when her parents were killed. Ever since that days she’s never been back to the woods. Rapunzel often thinks theres something she could have done to help them, but the doctors told her she would have died. Whenever she thinks about it she gets emotional remembering her parents piercing screams as her feet padded the ground. They were going on a fishing trip to the The Spot as they called it. Rapunzel and her parents had been ...view middle of the document...

They told her that they were canceling the trip because they just got word that there was a storm coming. Even though she was sad, she listened so that they didn't get wet. As they were walking back, her parents were looking into the distance at the wildebeest jones. They told her to run to the house and that they would be behind her when she reached the house, they were just going to be picking up something for the house. When she was running she heard a loud pitching scream and started running harder. She went tot he neighbors and told them what she heard and to help her parents. After what felt like a million years, everyone came out of the forest or so she though. When Rapunzel saw her aunt come to get her, she asked about her parents but her aunt wouldn't tell her until she rested. When she wake in the morning, she found her aunt crying in the living room. When she walked into the room her aunt patted the couch next to her for her to sit down. As she sat down, her aunt began to talk to her and tell her what happened. Ever since that day she never wanted to go back to the woods or to her parents favorite place The Spot.

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