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1. Summary of the Renaissance person’s life
Raffaello Sanzio also well known as Raphael is Italian painter during the Renaissance period and he was born in Urbino, Italy on April 6, 1483 (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia). He was the one of the major three leading artists who is Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci during that period. Raphael's father, Giovanni Santi, painter at the court of Federigo Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino, first taught him the elements of art and introduced the boy to humanistic philosophy at the court (Raphael). Raphael also helped his father with the court art (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia). A brilliant self-portrait drawing from his teenage years shows his ...view middle of the document...

Raphael spent the last 12 years of his short life working for Vatican. His first task in the city was to paint a cycle of frescoes in Stanze which Julius himself lived and worked. After finish drawing on the ceiling he worked on a cycle of frescoes and one of them contains ‘The school of Athens’ (1510) (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia). It is clear that Raphael was influenced by Michelangelo’s work on Sistine Chapel ceiling in the course of painting the Stanze. Raphael didn’t get married and he died on his 37th birthday.

2. His work
Raphael’s incomplete largest canvas Transfiguration, and the monumental cartoons of the lives of saints Peter and Paul, the decoration of the villa farnesina in Rome. It’s all new dynamism and expressiveness of Raphael’s late style of movement throughout Europe. Raphael's are the epitome of classical grandeur and harmony, disciplined in overall conception, artistic thought, and clarity of individual compositions and figures (Raphael). The theme of the Stanza della Segnatura (completed in 1511), eminently suited to Raphael's thoughtful humanism, is divinely inspired human intellect in four spheres: theology, poetry, philosophy, and law (Raphael).
3. What would you consider to be his greatest achievement? And why?
Raphael was inspired by Leonardo and Michelangelo’s ideas and that’s where he got most of his ideas and changed their ideas in his way. His visit to Florence was the great achievement, because the time when he arrived there it was perfect for him to learn a new trend of thought (Raphael). Before he was stuck with one style Peruginesque, but when he went to Florence he saw two artists’ different ideas. Leonardo’s designs, models, the way he expresses his thoughts, and also he saw how Michelangelo combined the figures, emotions, expressions in even balance with harmony (Raphael).
Even though he can’t...

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