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Rape And College Women Essay

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In Emily Yoffe's article, “College Women: Stop getting drunk”, it's implied that if alcohol is consumed less by women in campuses, the occurrence of rape would be minimized if not completely eliminated. I concur with this article for a myriad of reasons and view the article as a necessary read for any college age young woman wishing to familiarize themselves with the going on of campus life. This article wins my support and approval, for if more girls and women were warned of the impending dangers of drinking alcohol in copious amounts in an effort to 'fit in' they would most certainly be better equipped to make rational decisions to avoid sexual assault.
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A case should be made against those that would encourage a woman to drink copious amounts knowing full well that she will inevitably become inebriated. The type of person who does this is a 'serial predator who encourages his victim to keep pouring the means of her incapacitation down her throat'(Yoffe, 2013).
There are many who would argue that when one commits sexual assault when drunk, that they are not responsible for their actions. This leads to victim blaming and worse injustice for the victim in the court of law, especially if the victim was drunk as well. It almost implies that the alcohol, albeit consumed by the perpetrator, was the cause of the rape. The offender fails to realist the repercussions of their actions, if they use alcohol as an excuse for their behavior. Interesting that in many cases, this has caused the perpetrator to be freed and the victim to be shamed and called derogatory names in response to her consumption of alcohol. Impaired judgment as a result of drinking should not be a reason to excuse sexual assault, on some level, the perpetrator is conscious of their actions.
Our culture dictates that women should behave in a certain way, thus when in situations where they have been violated such as being sexually assaulted, there is a double standard. The law must change in order for changes to occur in campuses involving young women and drinking. Coughlin states in her article, that women remain vulnerable to forms of sexual violence against which the criminal law does not adequately protect them (Coughlin, 2013). Therefore women must be informed on how to protect themselves and this can be firstly achieved by educating them in reducing their consumption of alcohol in social gatherings at the campuses. Drinking unnecessarily poses a danger for all involved and should be discouraged for both genders, a behavior that should be discouraged if we are to move forward in guaranteeing togetherness amongst students in colleges and camaraderie without the use of alcohol as a means to connect.
Alcohol-related sexual assaults can be greatly reduced if certain measures were taken to ensure or at least support...

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