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Rank & Ethics Essay

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Gail Holmewood

“They deported my brother because they say he is economic migrant not political refugee
Huh! They know nothing about how they treat gypsies in Central Europe. But what do you know? How can you help me?”

In this essay I will describe the client and my reactions to the client. What are power, rank, oppression, minority, racism, diversity, prejudices, and worldview? How I will work in anti- oppressive way. What I can offer this client. What difficulties I envisage. Conclusion.
An economic migrant is someone who comes from the EEA, and who makes ...view middle of the document...

He presents as being angry, agitated and confused by his brothers situation.

My first reaction was that of the empathy for him, as he was unclean, shabbily dressed, obviously has very little monies and was very agitated. I do however have some prejudices in as much that I was brought up to understand that all gypsies where rogues, never to be trusted as they would nick everything and even come back for your eyelashes. There is also a lot of talk that they have come here and exploited our benefit system, taken our housing, and are involved in criminal activities. We are overloaded with immigrants already so why should Britain be the flood gates for anymore.

Gypsies are minority ethnic group and legally protected under the race relations act, so discrimination against them is unlawful. Public bodies have a duty to promote the racial equality, but many inequalities still exists. They experience high levels of discrimination and
2 Gail Holmewood

prejudices. Gypsies are Romany ethnic groups whose ancestors migrated from India from the 10th century and then mixed with Europeans and other groups. “Roma” is used to describe European Romany speaking groups who have come to England from Eastern and Central Europe. It is important that individual gypsies and traveller families are able to decide themselves whether the self define “Gypsy”, “traveller” or some other definition. Although the groups have different histories and traditions, there are some common customs and all face discrimination and prejudices. The family is extremely important to gypsies and a source of great pride. Extended families support and look after one another. Religion is of great importance to many gypsies in terms of their daily lives and through rituals and gatherings. Large numbers of Romany gypsies are now born again Christians. They find love and solidarity in the church and meeting up with others across Europe at large Christian conventions. There is much evidence of severe and continuing discrimination in education, health, employment and contact with the Criminal Justices system (CRE 2003). This undermines gypsy’s ability to live alternate lives and to access services equally, (CRE 2004). Great Britain is still like the American Deep South for black people was in the 1950’s. Discrimination against gypsies appears to be the last (“Respectable form of Racism.”) Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality.

Racism involves the belief in racial difference, which acts as a justification for non-equal treatment, (which some regard as “discrimination” of members of that race. The term is commonly used negatively and usually associated with race-based prejudices,...

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