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Ramdev Industries Limited Essay

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CASE 2 RAMDEV INDUSTRIES LIMITED Suraj Kapoor passed his B.Sc. in 2000 and joined a commercial bank in the clerical cadre. He Serve there for three years. He was not happy with the job prospects and wanted a better deal in life. He quit the job obtained his post-graduate qualification in personnel management, and thereafter/took up a job with a large public sector organization in Pune as a Trainee Officer in the Personnel Department. He was confirmed as a Personnel Officer after the completion of training with the company in 2007. The personnel Department was headed by a Manager. Next in the management hierarchy was one Deputy Manager followed by two Assistant Managers and six officers in ...view middle of the document...

He responded to the advertisement and got selected. He joined the organization in early 2012. SIL is an engineering industry engaged in the fabrication of heavy structural engineering works. It has a turnover of over Rs. 40 crore and an employee strength of over 2,000. The company has the reputation of being a high profit industry. It has a very low profile so far as personnel policies are concerned and maintained steady growth over the past decade. The company is managed by a farhily of industrialists which is known for their shrewdness and business acumen. The management had expressed their desire to proffesionalise their entire organizational structure. The company had a work force of 1,700 out of which 1,000 were permanent employees and over 700 employees were temporary workmen. The Personnel department was engaged most of the time, in hiring these temporary hands on a continuous basis, the strategy adopted was to hire temporary persons, retain them for a period of 7 months and then terminate them. If a temporary person is retained for more than 240 working days in a year, he is deemed to have become a permanent employee as per rules. The temporary employee could be reemployed after a gap of a few months.

Mr. Suraj studied this situation. He thought that it was enormous waste of effort to co-ordinate the engagement of temporaries and discontinue them on such a large scale on a continuous basis. Besides, he thought, a sense of belonging could not exist among the workmen if they are employed on a hire-fire basis. He prepared a proposal suggesting to discontinue this practice. He submitted a well-written note to the Personnel Manager, who had a very progressive outlook on personnel matters. The Personnel Manager informed him that in SIL such decisions were beyond the jurisdiction of the department and that they could only send the proposal to the Vice-President, who normally deals with such matters. Accordingly, the note was forwarded to the Vice-President. There was no response from the Vice-President, who was known for his grip over the company's administration and controlled it very tightly. He used to take quick decisions on matters referred to him. By practice, the managers know that if there was no response from him, it meant that he was not interested in the proposal, and the managers generally did not venture to follow up the matter. Mr. Suraj, however, sent a note to the Vice-President indicating his desire to discuss the matter with him. In the meanwhile, he had also worked out details of another scheme offering to encourage self-study by the employee. According to it, an employee could undertake higher education and seek career advancement. This, he thought, would motivate the employees as their energies would find a new and useful outlet. Mr. Suraj was called for a meeting with the Vice-President. The Personnel Manager was also invited to be present. Mr. Suraj briefly explained the salient features of the two schemes he had...

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