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Rallying With Rally Essay

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Rallying with Rally
Project Management gets little better with the aid of tools. In traditional project, there were lots of tools aimed to draw a huge project plan running into thousands of lines. They were designed to track efforts, schedule, cost, overrun etc. bundled with numerous other features. When I explored to find out lifecycle management tool to use for my agile project, I found myself swamped with both open source and licensed tools. It took a while for me to remove the weeds. Yet, there were still a large number of choices that were in the race. Finally, I decided to implement Rally.
Rally was one of the earliest pioneers in implementing an application lifecycle management tool ...view middle of the document...

  User Stories or defects can be added by the click of a single Button which will be loved by any product owner.  Product owner have two options of adding a story. First option is to use Add button, which will add only the story name.  Second option is by Add with Details button to include details like story description, adding tags, story point estimates etc.
Requirements Management: Requirements Management comes as an integral part of Rally and this feature along with several other key features makes Rally as a one stop shop serving agile project needs. As said earlier in this article, Product owners can easily create user stories and prioritize the backlogs. User stories can be created as a parent/child or as an orphan user stories helping to visualize how requirements can be related and interconnected. All these requirements can be associated easily to iteration and further to a release. So anyone looking at a release level can understand objective of that release.  There is an integration support with popular requirement management tools like HP Quality Center, Visual Studio TFS etc. Agile considers User stories, defects, and features as a part of requirement. Rally provides easy interface to create defects and assign severity, define priority, environment where it is found, estimate to fix etc. similar to any defect management tool.  There is a defect trend graph for senior management to give a quick project quality status. In addition to this, Rally provides support to integrate with array of defect management...

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