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Raise Of Stalin Essay

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After Lenin’s death, Bolshevik entered a period of power struggle. Although Trotsky, according to the testament of Lenin, was believed to be the potential leader, Stalin still became the party leader at the end. Stalin’s raise of power was a result of his political influences, social influences, his background, and approach to communism.
Stalin had a great communist background, and so, he looked like the one who was loyal to the party and had greater influences in the party. He was born in a humble, plain family that his father was a shoemaker and his mother was a waitress, meaning that as a peasant, he understood the essential desires of the public and the party. Oppositely, Trotsky ...view middle of the document...

His approach is desirable because this satisfied the nationalistic desires from the peasants, and his plan was, therefore, popular among the public. In contrast, Trotsky’s approach to communism was ‘communist international’, believing that they should promote communism. This approach sounded unrealistic and idealistic due to the unpromising economic output. Hence, peasants would favor Stalin’s plan and thought that Trotsky’s plan was less desirable.
The uprising of his power was connected with Stalin’s social influences as well. When Lenin died in 1924, Stalin used this opportunity to establish a cult figure of Lenin. In the funeral, he became the mouthpiece of Lenin and transferred all the love of Lenin towards him. In his speech at Lenin’s funeral, he spoke in the name of Lenin, ‘Leaving us, Comrade Lenin enjoined us to keep the unity of the part like the apple of our eye’. This made him gain faith from the public as he is speaking in Lenin’s authority. Nevertheless, Trotsky did not attend the funeral, and Stalin became the loyal one to the party and the public.
Moreover, Stalin was an aggressive politician that he tried hard to get rid of the threats for consolidating his powers. ‘He first in alliance with the rest his colleagues, he opposed and demoted Trotsky. Then in alliance…he defeated the Zinoviev-Kamenev ‘Left block’. (R.Conquest, Stalin) Trotsky and Zinoviev-Kamenev became the victims of the raise of Stalin. Although Stalin was aggressive, ‘Trotsky refrained from attacking Stalin because he felt secure’ .(I Deutscher) Trotsky was too arrogant that he underestimated Stalin, he never realized the superiorities that Stalin had. Hence,...

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