Raincheck For The Ticket To Hell

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“First Confession” point of view

Pandora’s box is an artifact in the Greek mythology. This box given to Pandora to hold on to that contained all the evil beings of the world. When Pandora became curious and opened the box, the entire contents of the box were released into the open, except for one and that one was hope. Many times in our lives we feel like we have accumulated enough sin that we are hopeless in reaching the ultimate destination that there is which is Heaven. In moments like this we feel disconnected and alone in our secret sinful hurts, hang-ups and habits. In “First Confession,” by Frank O`Connor the story is told in first person by a little boy ...view middle of the document...

She told their father the truth about what he tried to do with the butter knife and he was flanked for it. Jackie possibly projected his view of his father as the way our Heavenly Father was. He was fearful of telling the truth because he did not want punishment.
Jackie views his sins are the worst of the worst. He speaks about his very blunt teacher, Ryan, who installs the fear of hell by tempting the children to hold their finger over a candle. Hell was in her heart and never did she mention Heaven. Jackie interpreted his teacher’s sayings that if he did not confess all sins his punishment would be hell. Through all this mess, his thought of his first confession was confusion. His family had not been much support to him in showing the proper way to go about this and the teacher did not go over the prayers that were meant to be said. He sees himself as a hopeless sinner that was doomed.
When it came time to head over to his first confession he relates his walk to when Adam was thrown out of Paradise. His sister was no help in these feelings, she always reminded him of his sin. He gets to the church and as he walks through the doors, his sister changed and put on a false mask of perfection. He was not show the correct way to get in the confessional, he feels like no one has given him enough information. When he falls out of the confessional he feels he should cry so he could get the attention and sympathy that he does not get at home. He began to express his feelings of Gran and his sister trying to make himself look better before he took his turn in confessing. The priest was an example to Jackie of how not everyone is as perfect as they seem. Jackie’s view of the priest had now changed from a condemner to a sympathizer and friend. He felt that it was safe to confess all his sins to...

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