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Radiological Request Form Completeness And Justification

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Background: Clinical audit is one approach to improve the quality of
patient care, completion of request form inclusive. Radiology request
forms are essential communication tools between the clinician and the
radiographers. The aim of this study is to audit the adequacy of completion
of X-ray request forms.
Methodology: A review of all consecutive request form received at the
X-ray unit of the SLH over a period of six weeks9(From 16 March to 30 May 2013) to assess the completeness
of filling of the forms, details of biodata/clinical information, previous
exposure and information ...view middle of the document...

However, additional information
can be obtained by the radiologist or radiographer
directly from the patient before the procedure or by
contacting the managing clinician.

Past information about previous surgery, previous xrays
were also not filled in the request
form thus access and the possibility to review previous
radiographs and reports that will influence radiologic
decision were defective and these are the information
required to avoid unnecessary exposures that increase
the collective radiation dose to the population4 although
our study did not take into account those patient with
such risks.

We conclude that radiological investigation forms are
still incompletely and inadequately filled. This will have
effect on the quality and the overall service provided
by both the radiographer and the radiologist and may
have effect sometimes on clinical decisions and
outcomes. There is need to encourage the managing
clinician to complete and adequately fill all the required
information into the request form and appreciate its
importance to patient’s management. This can be
achieved by increasing the awareness of referring
clinicians through repeated continue medical education
in conjunction with the radiologists...

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