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Racism In The Middle East Essay

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Throughout the past years racism in the Middle East has increased dramatically,
especially religious racism. Religious racism in the Middle East is more than gender or race (1).
Religious racism can be found more in country like Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and
Lebanon (1).However some other form of racism likes ethnic can be found in many Middle
Eastern countries.

Religious racism has started to occur in most of the Middle Eastern country, since the

invasion of Muslims people to country like Egypt and Lebanon in the seventh century. When

Muslims invaded these country all the people who lived at these country were Christian, so

Muslims started to collect taxes ...view middle of the document...

Many Christian and Jewish people tried to live in Saudi Arabia, but
they faced a lot of racism from the people and the government. Moreover, not only Christian and
Jewish face racism action from the Saudis but people of Yemen have been hated from Saudis for
centuries for no reason. Saudis use them for cheap labor, to build their hotels, offices, and
highways, and treat them poorly, pay them poorly, and revile them for their ignorance. Also
Saudis treated workers from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Philippines
with contempt. Non Saudis people don’t have any right to own property or fight for their right in
work, because if they asked for their right, they will be departed from the country (2).
On the other hand, Kurds face a lot of racism action from people in Iraq and Iran. The
Kurds have been the recipients of hundreds of years of racism, oppression, and discrimination.
Their country was rent into three different pieces and given to their oppressors, Turkey, Iraq, and
Iran, making them minorities in each of those countries, especially in Iraq, who have treated
them poorly. Not only Kurds faces racism in Iraq, also Christian and Jewish face racism in Iraq
and that lead them to migrate to other country. Sixty years ago, Iraq's flourishing Jewish
population, a third of Baghdad, fled in the wake of coordinated bombings and violence against
them (1). Also there is a rising tension and racism between Shiite and Sunni Muslims, across the
region, fanned recently by the war in Iraq. The Shiite were the victims of Sadam Hussein's rule,
supported by...

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