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Racism: Freedom Of Speech Or Discrimination?

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Racism: Freedom of Speech or Discrimination?

Andrew Pulley
Mrs. Kriegbaum
American Literature
7 September 2010

Andrew Pulley
Mrs. Kriegbaum
American Literature
7 September 2010
Racism: Freedom of Speech or Discrimination?
The struggle to stop racism has been in effect for hundreds of years, but no matter what has been done it just can’t get out of the minds of people. Racism is in all things we do; it is in our vocabulary, in the form of stereotypes, and in the media. Many people say they are not racist, but assuming someone can do something because of their ethnicity is racial profiling. No person should have to suffer the injustice of racism, yet millions of people have ...view middle of the document...

(Shah) There were many violent outbreaks towards Indians, Muslims, and people who look Middle Eastern; including several attacks in Eastern countries killing innocents while trying to get revenge on the terrorists. (Shah)
There are many people and groups that support racism, such as the neo-Nazi. Neo-Nazi and other supremacist groups generally recruit children at young ages. On Hitler’s birthday in April of 1999 a killing spree took place by two kids in Columbine high school; the killing took the lives of many of their classmates. The targets of these children were students of different races. These two students were said to be involved with a Nazi supremacist group. (Shah) Another event that took place the same week was, nail bombs were planted in ethnic minority areas in London there were no deaths, but damage was done. A Nazi group claimed responsibility for the bombing. (Shah) Jesse Jackson once said, “Racism as a form of skin worship, and as a sickness and a pathological anxiety for America, is so great, until the poor whites, rather than fighting for jobs or education, fight to remain white. And therefore they cannot see an alliance with people that they feel to be inherently inferior.”
Many people support racial profiling and discrimination are just words. They believe freedom of speech gives them the right to say whatever they want. The consequences can be dire in some cases; because this freedom of speech turns into bombings and attacks on ethnic minorities. (Shah)
After living in Maryland for several years my mother Yvette Pulley unfortunately experienced racism first hand. She has had to deal with the hardships put on her for being Hispanic and married to a white man. One example was, she was singled out at a job she had and was taken aside by a co-worker there he began to tell her that my father and her were disgusting for mixing races and the thought of them breeding and bringing a child of mix blood was an abomination. The same man also had made many rude comments such as spic, beaner and wet back. Fortunately the...

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