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Racial Profiling: Injustice? Essay

1013 words - 5 pages

Sajel Lala

Mrs. Caloutas
Sophomore English
28 January ‏2003‏
Racial Profiling- Injustice?
"Either the United States will destroy ignorance, or ignorance will destroy the United States" (qtd. in Lhaman Jr. 1). Used daily in the lives of many of the world's populace, racial profiling demoralizes copious amounts of people in countries all over the world. Among those are ethnic groups such as Arabs and other Middle Eastern individuals. These stereotypes are "proverbial generalizations broadcast by the powerful media of the modern era" (Lhaman Jr. 1). Developed at the outset of the modern industrial age in 1798, racial profiling is both a prejudicial and unconstitutional method of rooting out ...view middle of the document...

in Britannica 3 569). The Declaration of Independence is another document that states how "all men are created equal" (qtd. in Britannica 6 283), but are all men truly seen as on the same social, economical, and emotional level? Would a Negro atheist be elected president of the United States? It has not happened in the last 220 years of presidential elections, and does not seem to have a bright future. The Constitution also guarantees the right for people of the U.S. to go about their business as they please unless the government has probable cause that the suspected persons have committed a crime (U.S. Constitution). Yet the town of Meriden, CT, (among others) has many Negro and minority-owned shops that are being audited much more often than the regulatory five-year inspection. Jai and Roshni Lala, owners of Subway on 511 West Main Street, were interviewed about this on January 4, 2003. When asked how often the auditor came by in the past five years, their reply was "about three or four times" (Lala). When asked why they were reviewed so many times, Jai told her how the auditor had the dire need to know what religion they were, since they didn't look like a "typical white American" (Lala), and "whether or not they believed in Jesus Christ" (Lala). Roshni commented that she immediately noticed their point total go down. Are all men really created equal?
"January 18, 2003- What has this world come to? A Windsor hung himself the previous afternoon, but names cannot be disclosed because of the child's age and other legal issues...the mother of this young man believed that...he was made fun of at school...and nobody could help him" (Staff 1). Unfortunate for this child, he was not like all of the other children at his school. His name sounded different, and his skin color was not that...

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