Race And Your Community Essay

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Race and Your Community

Racism is an issue that people have to deal with on a daily basis. It is a topic that a lot of people do not like to address but something that we know exists. I have lived in Millbrook, Alabama, a city outside of Montgomery, Alabama for all of my life and since I can remember the racial relations have been fine. I am sure that everything is not 100 percent but we live in the same community with no problems. In this Cultural Diversity class, I learned that discrimination is not limited to just race. I learned that a person may experience discrimination because of their gender, their religion or even their choice of clothing, just to name a few.

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Of course, there are some people who feel that they are treated unfairly. All people cannot be completely satisfied but the leaders try to make sure that most of the community is happy. If there is a problem they will give you the opportunity to voice your opinions and concerns. The community leaders seem to want what is best for our community and try to do things to enhance the community. And the leaders of my community are not all one race. Although the African Americans are not the majority we are represented by three or four leaders. I personally have not had not had any problems with the leaders of the community and I hope to keep it that way.

Other races in my community seem to treat the African Americans with respect and equality. They treat the people of my race with the same respect the people of my race treat them. There is no big issue of racism in my community. We may not act like one big happy family all of the time but we tend to stick together when we need to. There is just no blatant disrespect to any race in the community from the other races. This is probably because most of the people in my community, whether the same race or of a different, have grown up together. When I was in high school our high school was majority Caucasian and as being in the minority as an African American my classmates did not treat me as if I was beneath them. I am also fortunate to live in a community were all races can get together and worship God together. I attend a church that is majority Caucasian but I am not treated differently because of the color of my skin. There are still churches in the community who worship separately but I believe that if someone of a different race wants to visit that church they will be welcomed.

I currently do not have a job, so I’m not sure if work manuals represent the African Americans in my community. I really don’t see a reason why race should be brought up in a work manual. I think that the work manual should talk about the correct way for a person to do their job and handle different situations. And if there is racism in the work place the work manual should speak of racism in general and not just point out one race. There are African Americans in the textbooks that are used in my community. We live outside of Montgomery, Alabama and near Selma, Alabama and these are very important cities in the Civil Right Movements. The history of our state of Alabama could not be told without mentioning very prominent African Americans. Even the book I used for this class, Cultural Divesity, reference African Americans. There are a few chapters that talk about the Civil Rights Movement and how African Americans are coping in the Caucasian community now.

The local media does represent African Americans like me. They are represented by the news anchors that bring us the news around the community. We do not have an...

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