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R/W Style Essay

765 words - 4 pages

Reading and Writing Learning Style
Stephanie M. Clapper
SLS 1105-104
May 25, 2012
Edna Murugan

Dave Anderson (Team A Leader)
Reading and Writing Learning Style

There are different learning styles for every person. Everyone has some kind of way to make themselves learn what that style is as well. The learning style that we know best is what will help us get through our studies. The learning style can help us get the grade we deserve. The learning style we will be talking about is the reading and writing style.
The reading and writing style is the way a learner learns through reading a book, or material then ...view middle of the document...

There is always a place for all kinds of people that learn in different ways. A reader/writer likes to be in a quiet place away from others. Reader/writers like to be in the library because they can choose from a wide variety of books that they can read. The best learning environment for a reader/writer would be in a classroom because in class they will be taking notes and sometimes the teacher or instructor will make them read. Sometimes in class they will be reading some kind of essay out loud. A reader/writer learner learns best when it is some place quiet where they can concentrate on the material that they are reading and writing.
Read and write learners like to study alone rather than work with someone else [ (Study Advice for Read & Write Learners, 2010) ]. They also like to avoid distractions. Articulate teachers are good for a reader/writer learner because they like when there is a lot of material with a bunch of notes and sentences. Reader/writers are also people that like to write a lot so you may find these kinds of learners often doodling in their notes or in books most of the time. The best way to communicate with a reader/writer...

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