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Qulity Vs Good Tv Essay

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Anikh Wadhawan
MCS:015 Intro to Television
May 6,2013
Paper #1
Prof. Bundy

Quality vs. Good: Different ways to judge Television

What is the role of television today? Television has almost become apart of American culture as if it is a form of religious practice. Many people practice this ritual through out the day; some as they wake up in the morning, and others thanks to technology can get their practice of television in throughout the day. What makes T.V. so important? How did it become to be so? Yet a larger question that may be of even more importance is what allows us to see the entertainment value in the shows that are presented to us? Shows on television may tend to ...view middle of the document...

What does a television show have that is “Quality” in terms of its aesthetic value? That can range from things such as “ high production values, naturalistic performances, sense of visual style, and as far as even original music”(Cardwell, 26), but what those aesthetic values create within the audience of what ever show that is in concern is a sense of appreciation for a complex narrative. The reason that this is important is that the programs tend to stick to a ‘stylistic integrity’. They tend to go beyond just the cash value and high-style image, and care more for the viewer to try to observe and process the importance of the narrative that the show is conveying, “it places the viewer in an active position.”(Cardwell, 27) Beyond its style and aesthetic value, such shows tend to also in some way try to tackle contemporary issues that can in some cases be very sensitive issues.
What “Quality” T.V. shows do is try to incorporate contemporary societal issues to make the complex narrative more attractive to its audience, or in someway creating a feel of reality or a plausible real life experience that any one in the audience may be able to connect to making the narrative much easier to understand. What it does in better terms is “ develop a sense of responsibility to its subjects and its viewers,”(Emington, 12) which allows the show to keep its credibility and as well as show its’ integrity to the audience. It is really important that these shows incorporate real life issues, because it aspires to “realism” all these shows share the ability to make something that may be unfamiliar or abstract, much more familiar to its audience. Such as applying real social conditions, which may challenge, or even make the audience slightly uncomfortable, which may cause the “viewer to interpret and ruminate on the questions of human and social identities.” (Cardwell, 29) The main importance is that the addition of adding this realism allows the show to appeal to the audience, better its narrative, and strengthen it viewer base. How though does Nip/Tuck as a show encompass these needed traits to deem itself as “Quality” television?
Nip/Tuck by Ryan Murphy is a Medical-Drama show that aired on FX for a total of 7 Seasons that had its first show air July 22nd, 2003 and its final episode on March 3rd, 2010, its length for being on air for seven years can be described as a defining feature for it being seen as a “Quality” television show. In one way that Nip/Tuck is quality is due to its ability in being stylistic not just in the terms of glossiness, but also having a narrative that makes its audience familiar to the realm of medicine that is usually kept behind closed doors, referring to the plastic surgery theme as “high-quality” procedures. The show itself applies certain aesthetic features that are easier grasped by the “upper-middle-class audience of viewers who are assumed to be more ‘sophisticated’ than the majority of those who consume...

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